Let’s face the truth: most men are not comfortable with sharing how they feel. This is especially true when it comes to revealing their thoughts with individuals of the opposite sex that they don’t yet know well. However, for many women, it is quite difficult to understand what is going on in the minds of the males. This typical shyness can become even more magnified when it comes to matters of love, romance or lust.

While some men have learned to become bold and upfront when they are starting to feel something tugging at their heartstrings, many of them are simply not comfortable in approaching a romantic interest because of the fear of rejection. Even though this is the case, most of them tend to give off secret signs of male attraction, sometimes without being aware of them at all.

If you pay close attention and become educated in the ways that men give off their subtle signals of interest, you can become a professional at figuring out whether the new guy at work or your class crush has a thing for you, too. Learning these signs is the easiest way to grab the man of your dreams or at least your next quick hookup!

Here are 10 most powerful signs of male attraction you will want to keep an eye out for:

1) Biting His Lips/ Keeping His Mouth Closed

Individuals of both genders have a tendency to bite their lips or keep their mouths closed when they are trying to subconsciously hold back what is on their mind. If you see a guy do this consistently when he is around you, he is likely trying to control what he has to say to avoid revealing that he likes you or to keep himself from blurting out something embarrassing.

2) Huge Smile and Greeting Every Time You See Him

A dead giveaway that a man is interested in you is when he makes sure to go out of his way to give you a resounding greeting and huge smile every time you run into him. If this type of salutation is regularly paired with a big, strong hug, you can be quite sure that this guy likes you.

3) Smiling Every Time You Both Make Eye Contact

Another classic sign that a man likes you is that he can’t help but smile just about every time you guys lock eyes. This will be true if the eye contact occurs for just a moment and/or you both are on completely opposite sides of the room. Guys may not reveal things with their words, but their eyes and smiles give their desires away all the time.

Smiling Every Time You Both Make Eye Contact

4) He Makes Statements to You About Yourself

One of the surefire giveaways of male desire is when he starts talking to you about YOU. Not only does it reveal the fact that you are on his mind, but it also shows his unconscious desire to let you know that he has been paying close attention. This is a classic attempt of a male trying to start an honest and open dialogue with a woman. Examples of these type of statements that you should watch out for include:

    • “You always take the time to _________.”
    • “You are the kind of person to ________.”
    • “I’ve noticed that you like to __________.”

5) He Becomes Your Shadow

Whether it is creepy or not, when a guy likes a girl, he has a tendency to follow her around. This is especially true in free-flowing social situations such as a bar or a party. If you step outside for some fresh air, a guy who has his eyes on you will probably follow. Head to the bar for a drink, he’ll be there too. Going to the bathroom? Don’t be surprised if he is somewhere close when you are done. It may sometimes seem a little intimidating or creepy but it is a clear sign that a dude is interested.

6) He Uses Any Excuse Possible to Touch You

This is completely self-explanatory. You are hot to him and he wants to feel the heat as much as possible. Hopefully, he doesn’t take it overboard and make it uncomfortable.

7) He Subconsciously Starts Miming You

Throughout the ages, mimicry has often been thought to be the biggest form of flattery. This is why it should come as no surprise that when a dude likes you, he might subconsciously start copying your motions. For example, if you lean back in your chair, he might too. Whenever you see a man miming you, make a mental note.

8) He Acts Differently with You Than He Does with Everyone Else

This is especially true if he treats you much differently than he treats OTHER females. This is a major indicator that his interest in you has caused him to create different standards for you than he has for the other women in his life. If this doesn’t show you that you are special to him, what will?

9) He Is Your Best Social Media Follower

These are signs that weren’t available to those in the past but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t use our social media data to our advantage, to find out who likes us. One dead giveaway that someone likes you is that they keep showing you more consistent love on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat accounts in the form of likes and comments than they do to their other female friends.

10) He Acts Weird When You Mention Other Guys

Obviously, this is one of the biggest telltale signs that a guy likes you. If you notice him getting quiet, acting squirmish, making weird faces and/or asking excessive questions about the dude you mentioned, you can be certain that this guy likes you.

Make sure you keep your eyes open for the powerful signs of male attraction style=”font-weight: 400;”> so that you can have a better chance at getting your ideal man. If you want some additional help with finding the right guy, please check us out at Baeby.com to find amazing dates in your area!