Do you sext? Sexting, as an activity, has gotten a truly bad rap. But is this term really deserving all the negative connotation that it invokes? Let’s take a closer look at this oh-so-common (and perhaps non-disgusting) behavior, and see how we, women, can use it to our advantage.

What Is Sexting?

Sexting, as you probably already know, is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos to someone you are attracted to in the hope of starting a dialogue that will eventually lead to easy sex.

Sexts (another name for individual sexting messages or pictures) are sent in a variety of quick ways as a result of the vast array of communication technology that is at our fingertips. Don’t be surprised (but perhaps be alarmed) if you receive nude pics and/or sexually aggressive, graphic messages over e-mail, text message, SnapChat or any other digital service.

On top of this, most sexting exchanges occur over the cell phone, so you are almost guaranteed to see it ASAP. However, it is quite commonplace to receive them on an electronic device, such as your computer or tablet.

Why Is Sexting Usually Considered Rude?

Sexting is often considered rude, especially for the receiving party, because of the “easy” sex that is so obviously the desired end result. Sexual intercourse has always traditionally been (until recently) the cumulation of a long, drawn out courting period where the lusting man takes his time to slowly build trust and intimacy with his desired female counterpart. This courtship requires not only a vast amount of emotional intelligence but also various intricate skills in the art of conversation and relationship-building.

Those who sext, however, are trying to quickly and cheaply leapfrog this entire conventional, time-consuming process without putting in the necessary work to get their coveted mate. This is why sexting just feels somewhat rude in the unwanting receiver’s bones. It just seems like the sending party is not willing to do the work necessary to get what they want.

Sexting Messages to Send to Your Man

Can Sexting Be Dangerous?

We have already discussed how the act of sexting, especially with an unwilling party, can be very inappropriate. However, most people who engage in sexting don’t realize that there are other potential dangers involved with this type of activity.

The primary safety concern is the fact that any sexually explicit messages and pictures that are sent can be easily saved and sent to people who are not the sender’s desired target. If sexts get into the wrong person’s hands, they can lead to shame, unwanted exposure, and perhaps even the loss of job opportunities.

When Can Sexting Be Appropriate?

While we have mostly touched on the negatives in this article, there are actually times when sexting is appropriate and even encouraged. Safe sexting can happen when you trust the receiving person completely. That’s why sexting should usually be limited to your significant other. It can be a great way to spice up your relationship, especially if you and your man are not physically able to see each other for a while. Below, we will go over some great sexting messages to send to your boyfriend.

The 15 Best Sexting Examples For Her

When you start a sext thread with your boyfriend, you are going to want to get him in the mood by letting him know you are in the mood, too. Here are a few great examples to start the sexting conversation off with:

  • “I can’t get you off mind. I’m literally getting nothing done at all.”
  • “I’m about to go out tonight with my girls! Don’t be surprised if you get some crazy racy pics later tonight, just for YOU!”
  • “Why are you so hot? Come warm me up…”
  • “I only have time for perfect 10s in my life. Why don’t you come by sometime later today?”

If these messages seem a little too forward for your taste, you can also start with something a little bit cuter. These types of messages are aimed to be less sexual in nature but still make your man feel as if he is desired and wanted. Nothing gets a man in the mood as feeling appreciated and loved.

  • “You are simply perfect. I can not find a way to stop smiling this morning.”
  • “You would think by now that I wouldn’t feel butterflies in my stomach every time I see you… but I do.”
  • “No one in my life has ever made me feel as confident and loved as you do.”
  • “Thank you for being you. I don’t know anyone else who makes me feel so whole.”

If your opening sexts are well received and/or you have already had sex with your man, you can continue to build the heat with these:

  • “I can’t believe the stuff you talked me into last night. You are God of sex.”
  • “I need you. Right now. We need a replay of everything we did last night.”
  • “Are you sure you can’t call in sick? We could spend the rest of the day naked in bed.”
  • “Come back to me… I’m losing my mind thinking about how crazy our last night was!”

If you are fully comfortable with your sex partner, you can get quite raunchy and dirty with your sexts.

For example:

  • “How big are you really? I can barely walk since you stayed over.”
  • “Next time you come by, I am yours. You can do anything you want to me.”
  • “What is your wildest fantasy? Tonight we are making it come true.”

Hopefully, this guide has helped you with your sexting journey. At the very least, you now have a large collection of good sexting lines for him, to get the party started! Wait, did you say that you don’t have a boyfriend right now? Well, that’s nothing to worry about! Go ahead, visit and start dating great local guys, for no charge at all. Check us out today, and find your next man!