The 5 biggest turn-ons for girls are actually learnable skills. Girls love it when men have social graces and a gentle touch. They like it when you show that you know the little things matter and have the ability to craft intimate moments.

Most important are daily love reminders; they go a long way. Girls care about your attitude, how you carry yourself, and how you treat others. It’s important to show ladies your true character.

The biggest turn-ons for girls are actions. The truth is, looks only get you so far; it takes much more than just good looks or the appearance of class to win over a quality girl because good girls have high standards. Good girls aren’t looking at the labels on your clothes or how much you spend on dinner; they see your character.

Here are the five biggest turn-ons for girls you should definitely know:

1. Social Graces Are Valuable Skills

Social graces are worthy skills and they are what turns girls on. Gentlemen will always get a lady’s attention. How you treat strangers will be noticed, and having patience is very important to girls. The ability to be quietly confident is sexy. And knowing how to wear a tux or tailored suit for a romantic evening is key.

2. A Gentle Touch Will Touch Her

A gentle touch will touch her heart, so know the right time to use it. At dinner, a soft touch of her knee, under the table, will make her smile. Whispering sweet nothings in her ear or softly touching her hair are intimate, gentle touches and big turn-ons. Kissing her behind the ear, on her neck, or even her forehead lets her know you care for her. What turns girls on the most is the light and gentle touch of love.

A Gentle Touch

3. The Little Things Really Do Matter

Some of the biggest turn-ons for girls are the little things you do. Like lifting her off her feet, literally. It’s a great way to demonstrate your love and masculinity in an appropriate gesture of love. Carrying things for her. Her packages while shopping, her suitcase, or the groceries, it doesn’t matter what the item is, it’s the thought that counts.

Bring her small surprises. A flower, candy, or any small item that says ‘I was thinking of you’ win you big points. Cute random text messages can light up her day. Let her know you think of her, it’s the thought that counts.

4. Moments of Intimacy Count

The science of attraction tells us our scent or smell is important. Pheromones are the natural scent our bodies create, it affects the physiological aspects of attraction — our natural scent attracts potential mates.

In the 21st century, you can find all types of pheromone colognes and amazing scents. Your scent is one of the biggest turn-ons for girls, and how you smell counts.

Ladies love it when you hug them from behind and kiss their neck. Compliments about non-physical aspects are huge turn-ons as well.

Cuddling in the morning, after a night of intimacy, strengthens the connection. When you pull your lady over to your side of the bed to spoon, allowing her to invade your space, it creates an intimate closeness that’s one of the biggest turn-ons for girls. Or, waking her up with a fresh cup of coffee — that simple action lets her know you care. So, craft intimate moments.

5. Daily Reminders of Love

One of the biggest turn-ons for girls are those little daily reminders of love. Paying attention to her thoughts, feelings, wants, desires, and needs is a perfect way to let her know you care.

Did she tell you last Tuesday that the batteries in the remote are dying? Today, you’ve just cashed your check. Picking up the batteries will demonstrate you pay attention to what she says. When you remember something she told you a few days or weeks ago is definitely one of the biggest turn-ons for girls and wins you many love points.  

She’s had a long day and seems stressed out. What can you do? Make dinner and put some candles on the table. Sitting on the couch watching the television? Pull her legs up on your lap and rub her feet. Give her a back and neck massage. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you admire her work ethic.

Dating Develops Social Skills

Are you concerned that you haven’t learned all these dating social skills? Young adults must take risks while learning dating social skills because dating develops social skills that are important for all aspects of life. Every date should be viewed as an opportunity to meet a potential future client, future friend, or a potential future spouse. You don’t know how the relationships will develop. Put your best foot forward on every date.

Every person dates for a different reason. Some people date to meet new people, others date to make friends in a new city, and some date to develop lifetime relationships. Many people who date are looking for a soul mate; their end-goal is marriage. All in all, every date is an opportunity to make a new friend, but not every single one is going to result in a love connection. However, that does not make it a failure.

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