When it comes to sexual intimacy, guys and ladies can be different. What perhaps sums it up best is the saying from John Gray, a famous relationship counselor, who said, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” Guys definitely have to deal with the harder side of things, so, have no fear though ladies, men are fairly straightforward, and it can be easy to capture their attention (comparatively).

A common question that you may find yourself asking is, “what turns guys on?” Whether you have a newfound fling and you’re looking to take things to the next level physically, or someone who you have been seeing for a while and really want to drive him wild, figuring out some effective turn-ons can be a key component to any type of relationship.

Well, this article will hopefully shed some light into the minds of men, and help you learn a little bit about what might turn him on even more. We’ll build up to the juicy stuff, so without further waiting, here are some of the most common and stimulating turn-ons for guys.  

How to Turn on a Guy: 5 Biggest Turn Ons

Ask Him About His Day

While this may seem a bit random, guys care when someone they are interested in takes a genuine (or at least seemingly genuine) interest in their lives. Even if it is just asking about how work was, or what he had for lunch, something like that shows you care and can be a big turn on for guys.

If he has an unexciting or overly complex job, ask him details about his coworkers or any projects he may have going on. By doing so, you will impress him and show your true interest in him.

Sometimes it can be hard for guys to open up about work stress or things they are dealing with professionally outside (or even inside) their work, and being an outlet for your partner can bring huge gains to his overall happiness, which most often you will benefit from in the bedroom.

Competition as a Stimulant

Very few things can get a man’s engine revving like some competition with the opposite sex. Whether it is just a wager on a game you two are watching together or some athletic/physical task, competition can really stimulate your man’s testosterone and heat things up quickly. A spike in those sexual hormones can be just what you are looking for when it comes to turning him on.

Be sure to add in a little bit of innocent banter or teasing to try and get him a little flustered (in a cute/provocative way because too much can be a turnoff). Choose your battles wisely and be cautious of competitions that will actually upset him if he loses to you. Let the games begin and use his competition hormones to your advantage!

Random Text During the Day

Whether you two text consistently throughout the day or are too busy to communicate during work hours, a random, unsolicited text can be just what the doctor ordered to ignite that sexual spark. All it takes is a text that lets him know you are thinking about him or maybe a vaguely worded idea about what you’d like to do to him later, and he won’t be able to keep his mind off you.

During the day his mind will probably be cluttered with countless work things that may stress or tire him out, but a sexy, seductive text from you will snap him right back to what he can look forward to later on.

Try something like, “Hi babe, I have a surprise for you later tonight, I KNOW you are going to love it ;).” A text like this will most likely garner an inquisitive response, and it’s up to you where to take it from there. You will be in total control of just how much you want to tease him while he’s stuck at work, just thinking about you.

Random Text During the Day

Show Some Skin

We’ve reached the point where we can start to tap into his natural, primal instincts and take advantage of his hardwire attraction to the opposite sex. Using your body to capture his attention and make him crave you can be a powerful weapon at your disposal. Now, don’t take this to mean you need to dress “slutty” in order to turn him on (there is a time and place for that if you both are interested).

What we are talking about is just reminding him that you are a sexy woman by maybe wearing a dress that highlights your curves, heels to show off your legs, or a shirt with a deep, plunging neckline to accentuate your natural strengths. You know how to flaunt what you have, and he will definitely take notice.

Even a pencil skirt and work blouse can be “sexed” up a bit to drive him wild. If you truly want to take things from 0-100 quickly, you could surprise him with a sexy lingerie set when he comes home from work. If you aren’t able to physically be with him at the time you want to turn him on, sending a quick picture of what you’re wearing can also be a foolproof way to get his blood pressure up.

Make the First Move

This may be one of the biggest turn-ons of them all. Guys may feel that they are always responsible for making the first move, whether that’s to ask out on a date or start fooling around sexually. Letting your man know that you want him bad enough to take the initiative and make that first move can be exhilarating for him.

Let him know exactly how you feel and ask him on a date, tell him what you want, or even just jump his bones when he walks through the door after work. You don’t have to take charge every time, but occasionally can certainly spice things up with your partner and turn him on. Initiative and command can be incredibly sexy traits that will drive men wild.

While these are some great tips to help you turn on your man, there truly are endless ways that can work. The most important factor in anything you try is the effort you put in.

Not to insult them, but men are pretty simple creatures and turning them on can be fun, exciting, and easy, for the most part. So, let your imagination run wild and have fun with these ideas, tweaking them, or coming up with your own to let your man know your intentions, and learn for yourself what are turn-ons for guys!

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