Love is different than other emotions. You don’t just all of a sudden fall in love like a tiger trap – wham! It happens over time as a result of romance, commitment and other things that all come together to make you say the “L” word. Once the word leaves your lips, the entire relationship changes.

During the honeymoon phase of your relationship, even unmarried couples can start to feel the intoxication of being in love. It can make you do crazy things, and some say two people in love can even create a bond that lasts a lifetime. However, it isn’t always that way, and many people never experienced great love at all.

If you have fallen in love, lucky you! Here are a few signs it could be slipping out of your hands, so watch out for these 7 signals you are falling out of love.

Signs You Are Falling Out of Love

You Put Yourself First

When two people truly love each other, it shows. A lot of times people misunderstand love and think that it means sending flowers, carrying groceries or saying “I love you,” a hundred times a day.

The reality of love is that it means one person puts another person in front of themselves, every day. Once you stop doing this, it could be a sign that you are falling out of love, and if you need to put yourself first – that’s okay! Just remember that if you start to notice that you are the most important person in your life, the other person may no longer feel loved and look for someone who cares about them more than themselves.

You Look For Attention

Many people in love find themselves completely satisfied with the attention of their partner. When your eyes or the eyes of your lover start to wander around the room or (gasp) the block, it is a signal that somebody is looking for more. When you or your mate noticeably put effort toward getting the attention of another man or woman, it’s a red flag.

Some signs your lover is looking around for another include better self-care, shaving, clothing improvements, gym workouts, talking on the phone or spending more time online and staying late at work.

Disagreements Turn to Arguments

When you first started dating and fell in love, your arguments may have been disagreements. However, as you continue to develop your relationship, your love may have caused your feelings to grow more and more passionate, ultimately turning arguments into all-out battles.

For some relationships, falling out of love is just part of the cycle, and for others, the level continues and develop into more. If you notice that your disagreements never resolve themselves, that is a warning sign that you’re falling out of love.

Disagreements Turn to Arguments

You Complain

In the early stages of a relationship, you may find it easy to put your best foot forward. Smiling at a man you are in love with can make your beauty radiate without any effort at all.

However, over time, as you get more comfortable, you may find it a little harder to crack a smile. Because life can be difficult, you want to lean on your partner, and hey, why shouldn’t you? Their comforting words or a smile make life’s troubles all easier to handle, but complaining is a red flag for lovers.

Letting your partner see the ugly side of you is one of the first things people start to do when they get too comfortable with their partner. Ultimately, it can lead to falling out of love. If you start to look at your partner like they’re more of your best friend, your sibling, or a complaint department, it could mean you fell out of love.

You Want Freedom

Being single should NOT sound like a luxury, and if you are in a loving relationship, you do not need to ask for it. Freedom is not something you desire unless you are no longer in love.

If you find yourself yearning for freedom, it is most likely a sign that you are falling out of love. The single you is something that you cherish and no man can take it away. Willingly giving yourself away to a man is definitely something that a woman does when she is in love. If you start to realize your heart is looking for freedom – cut him loose. It isn’t love anymore.

You Want Someone Else

There are a lot of things that are a dead giveaway for the end of your love affair. One of those things is another love affair. Many relationships end with a wandering eye that goes too far and turns into a full-blown affair.

If you start to notice that you or your partner is looking deep into the eyes of another, stop yourself there and ask, “Is this a sign we are falling out of love?” If so, it could be the time to cut the cord and let your lover walk. It could be better than the potential heartbreak looming down the road for you both.

Remember, if you are in love, you won’t be uncontrollably attracted to someone else. Love has a funny way of letting you know you are not single. If you start feeling single, ask yourself if you are really in love.

You Self Destruct

You may, subconsciously, be looking for a way out of your relationship and that isn’t really new. The only problem with falling out of love without really knowing it is that you could hurt someone. It may be yourself or your partner, but if you find yourself self-destructing, it is a warning sign. Pay close attention for subconscious self-destruction of the relationship from yourself or your partner, and take it with caution.

Be careful to show some serious TLC (tender loving care) to your relationship or you just may lose it.

The signs you are falling out of love may slap you right in the face, but you could still miss it. Do not let the one you love get away by taking these seven signs you are falling out of love to heart. If you start to notice you are falling out of love, it could be time to make a decision. And that, of course, is up to you.

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