Bad dating advice you should avoid comes from everywhere. We hear the opinions of our friends, fathers, uncles, cousins, and even our mothers often have some dating tip they want to share. But, you know what they say about opinions. So, it’s good to know how to avoid bad dating advice. Last time my buddy said, “You should try hitting on her friend.” I couldn’t help but laugh, even though his intentions were good.

Where do people get such bad ideas about dating? Bad dating advice you should avoid usually sounds bad and your gut instinct will tell you it’s bad advice. Dating advice should sound good in theory and feel even better in practice.

Check out this list of bad dating advice you should avoid at all costs!

Play Hard To Get – Wait to Call

Playing hard to get is bad, bad dating advice. Not complimenting a woman is another awful tip that’s surfaced. Asking for a date via text only after you’ve waited three days is a bad start.

The mistake of playing hard to get is a great way to lose an opportunity, or worse, destroy your own reputation. Playing hard to get didn’t work for women in the past and it won’t work for men in the future. Nobody likes playing games. In the dating world, playing games are the most disliked acts and you don’t want that reputation.

One of the oldest myths, terribly bad advice, says — play hard to get or wait to call. If you are interested in someone, there’s no reason to not acknowledge it. And, don’t make the mistake of asking her out via text. Pick up the telephone, like an adult, make that call, and ask her politely if she will accompany you on a date. Make it clear that it is a date. There’s no need for mixed signals. You want a potential love interest to know you are interested.

Power Mistaken For Masculinity

Power and masculinity are two different things. Power mistaken for masculinity leads to some of the worst bad dating advice in print. The power dynamics are shifting as a new generation emerges. Many men are trying to find appropriate ways to demonstrate masculinity.

The recent plague of bad dating advice that suggests you should reject a woman to demonstrate your power is one of the most disturbingly bad dating advice tips for men that we’ve come across.

A woman who has the courage to approach you deserves credit. If you are interested, accept her offer, and if you are not interested, be polite in the way you decline the invitation.

How you handle situations will develop part of your social skills reputation. Dating strong women shows you are comfortable with your masculinity. Using power plays to craft relationships show weakness and it is sure to backfire. Show your masculinity by carrying her bags or taking out the trash. Rejecting someone as a power play shows you have no self-confidence or manners.

Sleep With Lots Of Women

A lot of people after breakup advise, “Sleep with lots of women, now. Get it out of your system while you’re young.” and, well, doesn’t that sound like heaven?

However, the old myth — sleeping with lots of women while you are young will keep you faithful when you do commit — is false. The truth is, humans will always find other humans attractive. Commitment doesn’t mean you don’t find others attractive, it means that you’ve made a choice to commit to one person, and you remain faithful to that person.

The bad dating advice to sleep with lots of women comes from the misconception that sleeping with lots of women makes you a man. The truth is — that what makes you a man, specifically a good man, is your character. Your sexual experiences have nothing to do with what makes you a good guy or a faithful husband.

Sleep With Lots Of Women

Opposites Attract: Date Someone Completely Different

The myth – opposites attract – seems to have people accepting bad dating advice. People are looking to date someone completely different. Dating someone completely different than you might make for one fun date night, but it’s not likely to lead to a long-term relationship. You should look to date someone with whom you have common interests. Look for someone who enjoys the same hobbies or community activities you enjoy.  

Dating someone with similar interests provides the foundation to build a relationship. Common interests will open the door for conversation and will allow you to get to know someone without the pressure. Shared hobbies make the best first dates. When you have something in common, you’re more likely to enjoy the time you spend with your date.

There’s Only Weirdos Online

Online dating is one of the most complex parts of modern social engagement. You may hear friends say, “there are only weirdos online.” They might tell you to avoid it.

However, the truth is that the statistics are in your favor. Statistics show the majority of people who engage in online dating have positive experiences. Dating online is a great way to meet new friends, potential future clients, and make love connections.

In the age of technology, some of the best matches are made through dating websites like Baeby, a great online dating site. Dating locals in your area is a great way to expand your network of friends, business contacts, and potential clients. Dating online is more than just quick hookups or long-term relationships.

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