How to Find a Fuck Buddy or Become One?

While many people love being in a committed relationship filled with love and passion, some people simply don’t have the time or are simply not interested in the romantic aspect of a relationship. You might have heard about the term friends with benefits, and while it’s pretty clear what it [...]

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9 Top Tips for Having Great Sex With Your New Partner

People that are outgoing and playful always have it easier when it comes to having sex with someone for the first time. Their bubbly personality removes any tensions from awkward first-time dates and is highly contagious, making it easy for all parties involved. However, what about people with a shy [...]

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How Long Should You Wait to Have Sex in a New Relationship

New relationships are always an exciting part of one’s life, mainly because they allow you to connect with another human being on a completely different level. Many people love being someone’s significant other, but one question that tends to bother people who have just entered a new relationship is – [...]

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