What to Do When a Guy Stops Texting You?

He is busy, he is acting strange, and then… he stops texting. Knowing what to do when a guy stops texting you can be confusing. When you start a new relationship, it may be easy to keep the conversation going. Finding things to talk about when you are chatting in [...]

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How To Spot An Online Dating Scammer?

Online websites are filled with dating scammer ideas. After all, you cannot blame a criminal for looking online for victims on these types of websites. The people who are online looking for love may already be more vulnerable than other groups of people, making them even easier targets for scammers. [...]

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5 Tips for First Message in Online Dating

Whether you’ve had a rough patch of dating attempts or you can’t seem to meet the right person at the bar or club, everyone stumbles a bit in their dating life. If the time has come where you’re going to try your hand at the digital dating landscape, you’ve come [...]

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