There are many different types of personalities that you will find as you embark on your dating journey. Some loud, some funny, some intellectual, some goofy, some very alpha, some weird or creepy, but, one of the most challenging personality types to date is a shy guy. Whether they are just naturally introverted, lack self-confidence, or struggle from social anxiety, dating shy guys can prove to be a true test.

If you find yourself downplaying a potential partner because of their shyness, don’t give up too early. Understanding why they’re shy or even just giving them time to get comfortable with you can help them open up and turn out to be great boyfriends. These five tips can help you tackle that shy guy you’re willing to take a chance on.

Five tips for dating a shy guy

  • Easy Does it at First

To a shy guy, everyone might come off as having a strong personality, so take this piece of advice prior to your first interaction. Sure, you may be excited to finally meet this new man, but bombarding him with questions and details about yourself may push him further back. Start off slow and ease into things.

Instead of diving into deep, personal questions and topics, gently test the waters with superficial questions to get him to participate because you don’t want/need to dominate the discussion just because he’s shy.

Easy Does it at First

  • Comfort and Trust Takes a Bit of Time

Being shy or introverted may stem from trust or comfort issues, so if you’re willing to give him a chance — be patient. Building trust and a comfortable foundation of a relationship are crucial to let him know he can trust you, and eventually, feel comfortable enough to open up to you. Sometimes great relationships take some time and effort, so give him a chance.

  • Confidence Boosts Can go a Long Way

Very few things can help breakdown a guarded and shy exterior like a compliment or ego boost can. Let him know that you like his shirt or that his job is very impressive (only say it if it truly is) and you may catch him off guard and help him get rid of that nervousness around you.

Establishing how you feel about him and letting it be known that you like him can go a long way with helping him feel comfortable.

  • Take the Lead

You’d be silly to expect him to make all the plans and suggestions while you’re dating. Of course, he should be doing some, but early on in the relationship, you may have to lead the way a bit. Pick the first date spot or at least give suggestions, because more introverts will ask what you prefer rather than take charge.

Leading the conversation in the right direction can do wonders for both of you. Learning how to handle a shy guy might just one day present to you your prince charming.

  • Establishing Digitally

Ten years ago, daters did not have the same plentiful and convenient resources available, but now, daters of all ages and personality types can truly benefit from dating in our digital age.

Many introverted, “shy guys” can hold perfect conversations, flirt, and do all the good stuff when it’s through the digital messages. Winks, abbreviations, and even GIFs can all be used to express feelings and emotions that may provide more insight into what he’s thinking. These platforms even help introverts who may otherwise struggle just to meet new singles, let alone try to date them.

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