When most of us try to attract someone of the opposite sex, we have a tendency to rely on pick up lines. And honestly, what you say and how you present your statements is very important for first impressions.

Human beings aren’t necessarily built to communicate just through verbals means. Scientists estimate that roughly 70 percent of human communication has nothing to do with what comes out of your mouth. Instead, it comes from non-verbal cues such as body language and tone. This means that body language is much louder than the spoken word. You should always be mindful of the body language you are using when approaching someone.

Here are few first date body language hacks that will help you be more attractive and likable to the person you are trying to court. Remember to practice these tips as often as you can so your body language seems as natural as possible.

Body Language Tips to Make You More Attractive

Human beings have a strong tendency to be attracted to people who are similar to them. While many people think that opposites attract, that tends to be only true for magnets.

We all consciously or subconsciously judge each other for how we look and act. When a person seems to display similar mannerisms, congruent fashion choices, and speak like us, our instincts cause us to automatically assume that this person must have similar values, morals, and even socio-economic status. And this usually makes us find them more attractive and likable.

So, how do you instill this sense of similarity and likability into your date? By practicing the art of mimicry! Mimicry is a body language technique in which you imitate the opposite person’s movements and body positions.

If this body language hack is done properly, it can lead your date to immediately feel more comfortable with you. Once that happens, they will become more open and instantly find you more attractive.

However, if done incorrectly or robotically, mimicry can come off as a very unnatural and inauthentic collection of moves. You need to be very careful when using this body language technique and practice it as much as possible.

mimicking your date's body language

In order to avoid robotic or contrived moves, remember to get into the flow of mimicking your date’s body language by:

  • Waiting at least a few seconds before you copy a movement or a change of position
  • Not imitating every gesture
  • Only mimicking the gestures that you would naturally use
  • Remembering that it’s not necessary to copy the entire magnitude of a movement. If your date seems to be using exaggerated movements, try using more minimal motions.

Also, the body language mimicry that seems to score the most points during the first date include:

  • Leaning forward when your date leans forward
  • Matching the volume, speed, and tone of their speech
  • Nodding your head when they do
  • Taking sips of a drink or bites of food when they do

Body Language Tips to Show That You Are Interested

It is very important to send your date signals that you find them attractive and interesting. It has been said that showing an interest in someone else is the best way to make them interested in you! So, how exactly do you do that with your body language?

One of the best ways to start showing interest in your date is to lean towards them when you are both conversing. People naturally lean in when talking to people that they like; doing so shows how comfortable they are with each other, and how receptive they are to what the others are saying. Your date will immediately know that things are moving in a good direction when you lean in during a conversation.

Another body language hack you can use to show your interest is to tilt your head slightly to the side. Head tilt when hanging out with someone conveys your desire to be friendly. That’s why it is such a powerful hint that you like your date and find them attractive.

Also, a brief touch of your date’s hand or knee can work as well. Just make sure that this gesture comes off natural. If the hand or knee touch seems contrived or forced, it could be a tragic, date-ending move.

Why Is Eye Contact so Important for Attraction?

Maintaining great eye contact is a key body language hack for any date. Good eye contact shows that you are mentally present and are paying attention to your date. It also helps to instantly build your reputation as a trustworthy individual. Nobody likes being ignored. And maintaining good eye contact is one of the best ways to show your date that you are listening to them. If you can’t maintain great eye contact consistently, you will notice that your ability to get repeat dates will instantly start to vanish.

This doesn’t mean that you can allow your eye contact strategies to make you look like a creep. There is a major difference between good, respectful “I like you” eye contact and unsettling, predatory “I want to see you naked” eye contact.

Obviously, you want to avoid the latter option. An intense and creepy stare makes everyone start to panic. And it certainly won’t make you look more likable or attractive; it will do the opposite. A calm, soft, and warm gaze will convey a sense of friendliness and openness. Practice a warm gaze by allowing your eyes to relax and see things in the background while still maintaining most of your focus on your date’s face.

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