Let’s face it: sex is an extremely important and healthy aspect of every intimate relationship. But sometimes loving partners just seem to lose their pizazz in this critical area. Hey, we aren’t here to say that there is no love anymore between any couple that is dealing with this, but sometimes when two partners have been together for quite a while, the things just seem to lose some of the initial “heat” that existed when the relationship was still new and fresh.

One of the first things that almost always seem to wane at first is the primal lust and excitement that defines that beginning of most intimate relationships. Unfortunately, when the initial sexual fervor from a loving bond starts to disappear, it can cause a strain that makes the other parts of the relationship start to diminish. That is why it is so important to keep things spicy and new in the bedroom.

While it is all too common in most long-term relationships to deal with this issue at some point, you and your partner need to understand that getting your groove back in your bedroom lives is very critical to maintain the balance in the rest of your intertwined bond.

This is where some new and top sex positions can help you and your loved one spice things up in the bedroom and reignite the intense passion that defined both of your lives together. But, which positions should you guys try first? We have quite a few below for you to take a look at!

There is no need to fear either! You will notice that we specifically picked hot sex positions that are quite easy on your bodies and don’t require any type of advanced contortions or acrobatics to try out.

Here Are Our Easy Sex Positions to Spice It up in the Bedroom

The Missionary Sex Position and its Variations

The missionary position is characterized by the female partner laying on her back as her man lays on top while penetrating her as they face each other. While missionary can seem extremely tame and is known as the most common sex position, there are a number of different variants that can make this automatic go-to sex position radically different and more stimulating, both mentally and physically.

Here are a few missionary variations that you need to try if you want to spice things up with your partner without sacrificing much of the proper alignment and ease that comes with the initial sex position:

  • The Coital Alignment Technique Aka the C.A.T. Aka the Frog

This variant of missionary helps stimulate the woman partner’s clitoris by increasing the friction and rubbing in that area. To assume the C.A.T., you and your partner need to get started in the normal missionary position. Then the male will flatten his torso while his female partner will arch her legs and place her legs on his butt. This will naturally target the clitoris. Then the male partner can thrust away!

Make sure he stays as deep as he can for maximum penetration since that will stimulate the clitoris to the fullest extent of this pose.

  • Legs On The Shoulders

This classic sex position should never be out of your repertoire because the angles and depths you can achieve in this position can always be altered to your convenience. The alignment can be assumed with the male partner laying on top of his woman or with him standing off the edge of the bed or sofa while she lays ready to be penetrated.

This position causes the man to have all of the control while also allowing for very deep penetration. You can adjust the woman’s legs depending on her flexibility and align yourselves as you both desire.

Legs On The Shoulders

  • The Spread Eagle

The spread eagle is probably the kinkiest form of the missionary sex position; it actually requires some light bondage. In this position, the female partner lays on her back, spreads her legs and then has her ankles and wrists tied together. The man then slips on top of her and penetrates.

This is a very intimate option that allows a great deal of control and domination from the male partner. It’s a sure fire way to spice things up in the bedroom.

The Doggy-Style Sex Position and Its Variations

The doggy-style position is another classic position that gets a lot of use in many bedrooms. This hot position is assumed when the woman gets on all fours while the male partner kneels and enters her from behind. While it is an exciting position in itself, that reminds us and our partners of the animalistic nature of sex, there are actually a couple different variations that can amp up the heat even more. Here are a few of them:

  • Backdoor Planking Doggy-Style

This incredible position is perfect for achieving amazing orgasms because of the ease of access to the woman’s A-spot and G-spot. The backdoor planking doggy position occurs when the woman lays on her stomach with her legs pulled close together. The male partner then penetrates from behind.

This position causes intense arousal because it makes for increased sensations for the woman while also creating a tighter entry for the man.

  • Bedside Doggy-Style

This sex position is taken from a different script than almost every other position. While many poses have the female on an elevated platform over the man, in bedside doggy the male is kneeling on the edge of an elevated platform such as a bed or couch, while the woman stands on the ground.

From here, the woman bends over at a 90-degree angle and the man penetrates her from behind. If you try this and the lady wants to relieve some of the stress on her back, get her a table or chair to place her arms on.

Hopefully, this guide of the top sex positions will help you spice things up in the bedroom, and bring you and your partner closer than ever before! Don’t hesitate to use these hot sex positions any time! However, if you don’t have a significant other, that can be quickly fixed!

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