Since the idea of significant age gaps in a relationship is becoming increasingly popular, more and more young men are expanding their horizons and dating cougar women. There is a lot of controversy around these kinds of relationships, and the vast majority of criticisms are focused toward the sometimes massive age gap between partners. 

The concept of young men dating older women is nothing new. In fact, these types of relationships were happening many centuries ago, when in some cases even Russian Empresses had dozens of young studs “on-call” at all times. 

If you’re looking for some solid advice on signs a younger man likes an older woman, how to find a cougar woman and how to maintain a good relationship with her, take a moment to check out this article as it is designed to be a complete guide for guys who are oblivious to the tremendous benefits of dating cougars. 

What is a Cougar? 

Many people use terms mature and cougar interchangeably, which is in most cases, simply wrong. Before we dive a bit deeper into the subject of dating cougars, it’s a good idea to first define the term itself.

Cougars are women in their 40s (or older) who tend to date significantly younger men (10+ years). The issue with cougars is that the current social climate considers them somewhat predatory and desperate, which is a concept most of them are trying to fight against. In contrast, many cougars argue that they are sick and tired of the lack of romance and dynamics in relationships with men that are of similar age as them, that being the number one reason as to why they choose to commence an adventure with a young and sex-hungry stud. 

How to Date a Cougar? 

Now that we’ve covered some of the basic stuff, it’s time to shift our attention to tips and tricks that could help you find a date, maintain a relationship, and come off as good fuck-boy material in general. 

  • Her Age is Only a Number

No matter how hot and sexy your cougar date is, everyone around you is going to realize that she’s significantly older than you. The important thing to remember here is that it’s completely okay to care about other people’s perceptions of you, but it’s not something that should turn into an obsession. The more you care about other people’s opinions, the less integrity you’ll have, and consequently – you won’t attract many cougars in your career since they LOVE integrity and confidence.

Another thing you should remember is to avoid making a big deal out of her age; it’s just a number. In fact, the more mature she is, the more experience she has and thus can even teach you a thing or two about life, and more importantly – about sex. It is believed that cougars tend to blow their partner’s minds with their imagination and banging skills, which is arguably the best possible combination you can stumble upon. 

  • Most of Them Aren’t Looking for You to Take Care of Them 

The vast majority of cougar women are well established and old enough to take good care of themselves. Most of them are independent career women who are looking for an adventure with a young and horny stallion; they aren’t looking for a caregiver. So, in order to keep your relationship or adventure relatively stable, you should probably avoid coming off as too concerned about your partner’s ability to fend for herself. 

Most of Them Aren’t Looking for You to Take Care of Them 

  • They Will Treat You Like an Adult

While dating a woman of your age or younger can be quite exciting and dynamic, you are likely not going to be treated as an adult at all times. It can be a cute thing, but it can also come off as super-annoying. When dating a cougar babe, you can rest assured that she’s going to treat you as her equal (in terms of age), and she will definitely be quite straightforward with her intentions, ambitions, and things that make her happy. 

If you like women who are strong, independent, and know precisely what they want – date a cougar! 

  • They Don’t Play Games

Cougar babes are well known for being straightforward in their intentions, and most of them don’t like playing games since it’s usually a waste of valuable time. In simpler terms, when you’re dating a cougar, chances are she won’t refrain from being honest when it comes to her opinion about you, intentions with you, and her overall dating plans. Rest assured, if you’re annoying or too pushy, she will let you know in a heartbeat. 

  • Emotional Maturity is Important – She’s Not Interested in Drama

No matter how old (or young) you are, it’s always important to remember that your date is not your mother. There is a whole science aspect to this particular issue, but for the sake of keeping things simple – don’t expect her to deal with your emotional problems because it’s definitely not something she’s looking for in the first place. These women are looking for horny guys with unprecedented stamina, not a guy who can’t afford a therapist. 

As soon as you show signs of emotional instability, it’s going to remind her about the age discrepancy between you two, and that could very well be a solid reason to put an end to the whole adventure. In other words, without emotional integrity, you’re walking on thin ice. 

  • She Probably Isn’t Too Excited About Meeting Your Family

While this is a rather general statement, and it usually depends on the individual, many cougar women are not particularly interested in meeting your parents, siblings, and family in general. Since they aren’t generally looking for super-strong commitments, it’s natural that they don’t want to create strong bonds with your family since it’s hard to break those when the time comes. 

The most considerable upside of this is that you don’t have to sit through family dinners while being embarrassed by your least favorite uncle in front of your babe.

  • Much Less Pressure Than With Younger Women

As we’ve mentioned, mature adult women may be needy in some aspects, but they definitely aren’t looking for a commitment. Most of them are willing to take things slow and act casual about it rather than brag to their friends or share their relationship status on social media. 

Most of them are also not looking for long-term deals but rather someone with whom they can spend time and get a bit naughty from time to time. While this absence of pressure is a deal-breaker to some guys, the ones who prefer cougars consider this to be one of the most significant advantages. 

  • Respect is What Matters  

Mature women are very experienced when it comes to recognizing your levels of respect toward them. They can see through your bull-crap pretty quickly, so don’t think about hustling the hustler because it won’t end up pretty for you. A lot of cougars will be the ones who “wear the pants” in your relationship, so be prepared to be faced with some authority, experience, and wisdom. If you don’t like being with a somewhat dominant woman, cougars may not be your cup of tea. With that being said, there are plenty of mature women who will gladly let you take the helm. 

  • Shake Off Stereotypes and Insecurities 

This is a pretty straightforward piece of advice – don’t come off as insecure, especially in regards to the age gap. In other words, as soon as you fall victim to any kind of pressure caused by various stereotypes, it is likely that she will dump you sooner rather than later. She’s perfectly aware of the age gap; there is no need for you to be insecure about it. She’s aware of the stigmas attached to mature women dating younger men; you’re certainly not the first one pointing that out to her. 

Relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy your kinky adventures, why would you worry about what other people have to say? 

Shake Off Stereotypes and Insecurities 

  • Be Honest 

Even though this is a regurgitated cliché, being honest is actually quite a helpful piece of advice. It’s somewhat easier, to be honest with mature women since their BS levels are rather low, meaning you can safely say whatever is on your mind and not worry about it turning into a never-ending saga. You may not see a positive outcome of being honest, but rest assured it’s one of the best things for keeping things afloat.

Where To Meet Cougars? 

Since we’ve covered the basic advice on how to behave in a relationship and how to maintain good dynamics, it’s time to focus on how to meet cougars and what kinds of places are perfect for meeting up with horny mature ladies. 

  • Clubs and Bars 

This is somewhat of an obvious place to look for horny mature babes, but many guys believe that cougars don’t like mingling with young people in clubs and bars since it’s too noisy or even too modern for them. Needless to say, that’s a completely made-up myth, and in fact, many cougars love frequenting bars and clubs since those are the places where young men hang out. 

Your bigger concern would be how to recognize a cougar in a club rather than how to find her in one.

  • Social Media and Dating Apps 

In today’s day and age, social media and dating apps are the best way to find and hook up with mature women who know exactly what they want and how they want it. This streamlined way of finding a partner has its upsides as well as downsides, but it’s, in general, an excellent and easy way to find a partner. 

There are countless dating apps out there that are made to help you find a partner without investing too much effort at all. Your only job is to create a somewhat attractive profile and start searching for the perfect partner; it’s as easy as that! Social media also allows you to avoid awkward moments that you otherwise couldn’t if you were on a “real” date. This is also a great method for people who don’t have an outgoing personality or simply have no time to invest in going out and meeting women in clubs, restaurants, bars, etc.

  • Cooking Classes 

Yes, you’ve read that right – cooking classes! While this would probably be the last place you would look for a partner for a steamy and kinky adventure, rest assured that there are A LOT of cougar babes attending cooking classes. Most of them do it to get some alone time for themselves, hang out with other cougars, learn a thing or two about cooking, and you’ve guessed right – potentially meet their next boy toy.

The best thing about this particular place is that if you manage to find a cougar who is interested in you, she’ll probably cook some killer meals during your adventure.

  • Gyms 

It is well known that mature women who are looking for a horny stud tend to spend a lot of time in the gym. This is partly because they want to improve their physique, but also because gyms are usually packed with ripped and sweaty young men. As you can assume, this is usually the picture-perfect example of what most cougars are looking for, so it’s safe to say that you have high chances of meeting your next cougar in the local gym. You could also expand your search mission a bit further and visit yoga and pilates classes. However, whatever you decide to do, show at least some interest, or else most of them will know that you’re there hunting rather than genuinely enjoying your time.

  • Cruises 

Even though this definitely isn’t the first choice for many young men, taking a cruise and hunting for cougar women on a massive ship in the middle of an ocean is a pretty wild adventure in and of itself. It’s no secret that many women in their 40s and 50s can afford to take a cruise and go off the rails for several weeks. However, it is quite a pricey adventure for a young man to take, so it’s not something that’s a top priority for young guys. On the other hand, if you have the opportunity to cruise around the world while you’re single and young – take it, you won’t regret it!


  • Fancy Events  

Many successful and established women like frequenting fancy events such as wine nights, theatre plays, operas, etc. Now, this does not mean you should buy a ticket for a play and go hunting for cougars because chances are you won’t see too much success. Instead, show some genuine interest in these fancy events, visit them as frequently as you can, and you’ll definitely find some good cougar candidates for your next adventure. If you find these events unappealing, boring, and far from your general interests, it’s probably a good thing to ditch this idea altogether. It’s not worth it for you to go through misery in order to find a cougar, you can find them in many other places that might be closer to your personal interests. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating a Cougar

Before we wrap up this guide, it’s a good idea to focus on some dos and don’ts of dating a cougar. 

  • Dos

Always show some interest in your partner rather than coming off like a horny and infantile guy. No matter how young or old your partner is, she will always appreciate you more if you show some genuine interest. 

When it comes to dating cougars, it’s usually a good idea to let them lead the relationship and hold (some) authority. They are much more experienced than you are, and on top of that, letting them lead the way allows you to figure out what they want and expect you to do. 

As previously mentioned, be honest. We cannot emphasize enough how important honesty is, especially if you’re dealing with an experienced cougar.

  • Don’ts

Don’t show any mommy issues since it’s an instant turnoff for about 99% of mature women. They don’t want to be a substitute for your mother; they want you to rejuvenate their sex life by giving them the banging of their life. 

Don’t show signs of uncertainty, especially when it comes to the somewhat significant age gap. If you’re not comfortable with her being much older than you, don’t date cougars in the first place. It’s as simple as that. 

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