Flirting with the opposite sex seems to be an ever-eluding task that very few can master. Let’s face it; most of us probably struggle to flirt with girls we first meet. Either our jokes land without laughter (or nervous laughter, which is perhaps worse), our sarcasm doesn’t come across as desired or a compliment may come off as a bit creepy.

Thanks to the internet and digital dating, we now have a little bit of a buffer from that immediate in-person interaction, but the flip-side to that is our game needs to be spot on because there are so many more options available at every girls’ fingertips.

Learning how to flirt with a girl is all about finding the right balance between cute, funny, and edgy because you want to express your interest but not be over the top with your efforts. Everyone has their own “style,” and learning what your tendencies are can really help you. Whatever the case may be, we’ve compiled some tips to help you gain some flirting skill, to help you on your online journey to find love (or fun).

8 tips for flirting with girls online

Pickup line faux pas

It may be extremely tempting to throw out that pickup line that you think is the “perfect” way to get the girl to fall head-over-heels for you instantly, but resist that urge with all your might. Pickup lines are a move of desperation and will fail most of the time.

Aside from asking to hook up right away, pickup lines might be the worst. Even cheesy, “cute” ones will put your potential date in an awkward position and often leave them without knowing what to say back. Strive to produce something a little more genuine to increase your chances of getting a response.

Unique Compliments can get you far

Don’t be like every other guy and compliment on her chest or butt because if she has two working ears, I’m sure she knows if she has some nice physical assets.

Instead, dig a little deeper and compliment something that she might not hear all the time — her smile, her eyes, her hairstyle, or even something about her personality. This shows her that you aren’t just a sex-crazed man and notice the smaller, more important things about a person. There may be a time and a place to compliment her chest — if you play your cards right in the beginning.

Making a joke is risky but can be rewarding

The good thing about online dating is that we, now, get a chance to showcase what we want people to know about us on our profiles. We can list our likes, dislikes, background information, love of dogs, and even a witty quote or something of that nature.

Starting off talking with a new girl, you can take the chance to be light and playful by making a joke about something on her profile. AVOID anything that could be misinterpreted and taken meanly! Even just pointing out a small detail in a photo or countering her likes with one of your own can be a great way to break the ice.

Making a joke is risky but can be rewarding

Small talk is boring

Before you can really master the art of flirting, you need to be able to hold a meaningful, competent conversation that involves more than, “The weather has been great, right?” Small talk is boring, and girls will lose interest fast. Ask about her interests, where she is from, and things like that, to help get into deeper conversation.

Dare to share something personal or slightly embarrassing

Opening up a bit (not right away) can really help your standing with her. Showing that you are comfortable and willing to put yourself out there can help her understand exactly how you feel about her.

Personal stories can help her connect with you and understand you on a little deeper level, and an embarrassing story can show that you’re okay with having a laugh at yourself. Either way, these options add a bit of depth to your flirting that can really help the potential relationship grow!

Easy with emojis

There is a time and a place for the little smiley faces and overuse can shed light on potential immaturity. Use them sparingly, but don’t cut them out completely.

They are great to use if you are joking around a bit and can help convey the right tone that you mean because sometimes, it can be difficult to tell the tone through digital communication. But too many 😊 and you’ll be looking like a kid, when she wants a man.

Be a sweetheart

You don’t need to be a macho man all the time. It is okay to let that sweet, caring, and sensitive side of you come out every now and then. Not everything has to be a joke or sarcastic comment, or even a chance to flex your masculinity.

Showing the girl you’re texting that you can be sweet is a great thing. Let her know that you’ve been thinking about her, that you can wait to see her next, or that you’re just happy you two met.

Open-ended date

If things are going well and you don’t want to text for weeks on end, then say something like, “I’d love to grab a coffee (or a drink) with you sometime!” This makes it very clear that you want to meet, but leaving it open for her lets her feel more comfortable instead of making it a yes or no date inquiry.

If she likes you, she will accept, and you have yourself a date. If she’s not into you, then that’ll probably be the end of things. If she is still unclear, then she doesn’t have to commit one way or the other. It’s a genius move!

Learning how to flirt with girls may come naturally or it may take a little bit of thought, but regardless of your skill, Baeby makes it easy to meet wonderful people who are looking to meet you. Just fill out your profile and start flirting today!