How to make the first move on a guy is never easy for women because let’s be honest, it goes against our nature. As women, we are gentle, soft, and subtly flirty when we are interested in a man. If we were to just come right out and say what we were thinking, we would risk sounding like a man. Can you imagine if you told a man the things that cross your mind when you want them?

In the darker corners of your secret, sexy mind, you may be tempted to tell a man you want things like…

  • When I see you at work, all I want to do is touch you.
  • Can you have a mistress?
  • Do you ever sneak a peak between the buttons of my blouse?
  • Did you want to sit next to me? And accidentally touch my knees?
  • Are you too busy for a nightcap?

What if you said it out loud? Most men would likely run in the opposite direction if you were to say these things. What if the words left your lips and your male friends, men you work with, or (gasp) married men actually heard you?

If you have ever wanted to say these types of things to a man, you may have also considered acting on your impulses and blurting it out. STOP yourself and consider that there is a better way to get the guy you want. Start by showing the guy that you know how to make a move without losing your feminine grace.

How to Make a Move on a Guy in 3 Simple Steps

Making a move on a guy is never really easy. If it feels awkward to you-you’re not alone! Use this simple 3-step process to land your man.

Meander flirtatiously

A graceful woman does not stomp her feet, slosh around in loose clothing that trips her, or fumble with her footing. She is able to slowly and calmly approach the guy she wants to make a move on and keep going. Slow your step and approach the man you want in person with a meandering walk. As you glide past him, make sure he notices you by taking ahold of the moment more deeply. Here is how.

Catch His Eye

Meandering past the man of your dreams is wonderful. Especially when you can catch him NOT looking your way. That is when you usually look at him, right? Next time, catch his eyes and try to hold them for a few seconds. Use your long sweet-looking lashes, give him an inquisitive look or let him linger in your gaze. Any way you can steal a quiet moment together – go for it! Catching his eye as you slowly walk past him is a great way to make a silent move on the guy you want.

woman flirting

Say Something

When you’re ready, open your mouth and say something refined, sexy, and stunning. Try something like, “I really like the outfit you picked out today.” Then with a gentle gaze that meets his eyes, listen carefully to his response.

That is when you make your move. Let him know with the way you respond that you want him. When it is your turn to speak again, invite him to join you for more. It could be asking for a longer conversation, a date, while a No Strings Attached (NSA) approach works too. Regardless of how you spend your time together, this is where you can draw him in closer.

Finishing Up Your Move

When a man catches your eye you may want to see him look back at you. However, it’s not always that easy. Use these three steps on how to make the first move on a guy to make the process easier. And when you have them in your clutches, remember: don’t let go.

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