Dating is tough for women in many ways. First of all, it is hard enough to find the man of your dreams with the sheer number of men who probably approach you every month. Second, it is hard to break so many hearts when you find out that the men who are approaching you are not up to your standard.

We have all felt rejection; it SUCKS. But, we have to be able to turn people down when the romantic vibes aren’t building the right way. Love is a game of understanding yourself and knowing when you should walk away.

However, most women are extremely nervous or even fearful of rejecting someone. Not only are these situations extremely awkward but negative emotions of sadness and inadequacy are bound to be high. On top of this, these incredibly intense occasions can be extremely dangerous, especially for women. So, how are you supposed to safely and gently tell a guy that you aren’t interested in him anymore? Don’t worry, we got you! Let’s give you some tips on how to reject a guy nicely below!

How Does Rejection Make Men Feel?

In order to reject a guy nicely, we need to understand how rejection really affects our emotions. Rejection always hurts the rejected person’s feelings because it is a clear way of rejector stating “I am not interested in you.”

Most people can’t help but feel hurt. Surprisingly, these types of emotional feelings are even more intense in men. A certain machismo is necessary to “be” a man. However, rejection can put chinks in their mental armor, and make them feel inferior and/or emasculated. Cracks like this in a man’s mental psyche can also make him act in a very aggressive and nasty manner. This is why you need to break things off with a man properly, to be as safe as possible.

How Does Rejection Make Men Feel

Don’t Wait a Long Time

Always remember that rejection hurts more when you feel as if you lost something you invested a lot of time in. Therefore, do not keep talking to a guy that you have lost interest in. Not only you are wasting yours, but you are wasting his time as well. And the more time he has invested in you, the harder he will take the rejection.

Sure, you may like basking in your suitor’s attention and gifts, or you might be trying to protect your own emotions. However, you need to get over any mental hurdles you have, if you don’t want to hurt his feelings. Be nice and keep him (and yourself) from wasting too much time. Break it off as soon as possible. He will only become more devastated and aggressive the longer you delay the inevitable.

Don’t Reject Guys in These Ways

There are quite a few wrong ways to reject a guy. Avoid doing these:

  • Don’t Ghost Him

Many women are so afraid to hurt a dude’s feelings that they just stop talking to him completely. While this may seem like a safe and convenient option, it could be somewhat dangerous as well.

Most men would prefer a straightforward response like “Hey, I’m just not interested.” than being treated as if they were invisible. Don’t ever expect that he will give up pursuing you until your rejection is explicit. You are actually being nice if you talk to him and end it quick.

  • Stop Talking to Them if You Don’t Intend to Date Them

Ladies, you need to stop stringing these guys along! This is just another way to waste both of your soon-to-be-lost time investments. Just be clear and move on! If you don’t, you might have to deal with a justifiably angry gent when he finally realizes you were stringing him along.

  • Don’t Tell Him That You Aren’t Ready Yet

It is quite important to give an honest reason for not being interested. It is even more important not to keep his hopes up for a romance with you in the future by telling him that you aren’t ready yet. Now you will have a guy who is going to constantly stay in touch to see if your circumstances have changed and if you are ready now. Don’t lead him on — just be explicit in your rejection.

  • “Just Friends” Is Not a Real Option

Once a guy is interested in you romantically, he won’t fully be able to get that notion out of his mind. Even if you guys can maintain friendly relations, there will be a part of his mind that will see you as a potential romantic match. If you know that you aren’t into him, just let him know and stay away. You have to be strong and end it for both of you, even if he is a super cool guy.

Just remember that it is extremely important to be very direct and honest in your rejection. It is always a good idea to be courteous as well; the truth will hurt less when spoken with kindness.

Any pain he feels now will be quickly healed if you do it as fast and honestly as possible. And please don’t re-ignite any conversations with him unless you are truly feeling a change of heart. Many of these tips may not seem fair at first. But, once you start practicing them, you will notice how much better it is for all parties involved.

Now that you fully understand how to tell a guy you don’t like him in a nice and respectful manner, let’s test your newfound skills on the dating scene. Don’t have any dates lined up yet? No worries at all! Just visit at your earliest convenience!

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