What does a fourth date mean for guys? Men who are in a relationship that is ready for the next level may have expectations on the 4th date due to building sexual tension, excitement, and the overall “high,” of a new relationship. The fourth date is commonly the tipping point for couples ready to take steps towards a deeper connection.

However, a man may need to get over common 4th date jitters. The best way to beat an uncomfortable fluttering feeling in your stomach before a date is to plan ahead. Use this guide to navigate your 4th date with ease.

How to Prepare for the Fourth Date – Fourth Date Advice

Depending on your long-term goals for the relationship (if you even know them) use this guide for your next best fourth date.

  • Impress With Your Look

Don’t just throw something together at the last minute and assume your date will be impressed. Consider that your 4th date should be one where you look sharp. Ask a friend or co-worker what they think about the outfit you picked for the fourth date. Ladies love a sharp dressed man, so don’t be shy!

sharp dressed man


  • The Intriguing Convo

After the fourth date, she should be able to tell her friends, family members, and co-workers that she can talk to you for hours. If she can’t, it could mean no 5th date for you.

Use conversation as a way to pull your date in closer with topics like her worst workplace experiences, childhood memories, dreams, and long-term desires. If you can capture her attention through conversation, other 4th date goals may come easier.  

  • Show Your Date You Feel the Spark

Remember to always show your date that you feel a spark. Subtly flirt with her based on what feels comfortable between you and then push the line… just a little. This is a great way to show her your sex drive is amped for her.  

  • Conquer Her Brain

Use your intelligence to capture what matters most: her mind. When a woman’s sexual pleasure centers are aroused, many of them are right inside her noggin. Stimulate her by talking about things that not only make her laugh but also make her say, “Oh!”

  • Keep Her Smile in Focus

After 3 dates with a woman, you may not have reeled her in already. Even after sleeping with her, you still could be unsure if your date is interested in more. Today, the fourth date doesn’t have any set rules, so always keep her smile in focus – no matter what.

4th Date Tips That Actually Work!

Regardless of your relationship goals, the fourth date needs to accomplish one thing: togetherness. If you have a 5th date in mind the #1 priority is, of course, her happiness.

So, above all else remember these vital pointers:

  • Offer a warm smile
  • Use open body language
  • Gently and “accidentally” touch her
  • Allow her stories to ramble endlessly
  • Ask questions that make her think
  • Offer sexy promises of something more
  • Pull out her chair
  • Don’t rush her
  • Pet the dog
  • Clean something
  • Ask about her friends
  • Let her choose the destination
  • Bring flowers
  • Make her laugh

Using 4th date tips that actually work is the only way to build the type of relationship you want. As a general guideline, you want to always remember your date’s personal boundaries. If you get the feeling she is pulling away, pushing back, or is unresponsive to your advances – try a different approach.

There is nothing you need to force on a fourth date so have fun and be open to new opportunities. If you can read your partner and allow space for an NSA (no strings attached) relationship it could be great.

So, what does a fourth date mean for guys? If your relationship goals include a long-term status, take care to approach the fourth date with that in mind. 4th Date Bottom Line: leave her smiling and wanting more.

Prepare yourself for the fourth date with these simple and easy steps. In the meantime, feel free to browse through our blog to find more interesting topics, like this one.

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