If you are seeking sound dating advice, third date questions can leave you wondering what to do. However, if you need third date tips to help you prepare, you have come to the right place.

Stop wondering how you will handle the 3rd date and just jump in head first. You can keep putting your best face forward, no matter how many dates you have been on with your romantic partner, by simply using these tips and checking back here for more great dating advice.

Dating Advice for the Third Date

The third date is pivotal because there is so much leading up to your next steps. You have already gotten over the first date jitters and hit it off. Then, you managed to get through the second date with the conversation that kept things interesting, but will you be able to keep up the momentum? The questions running through your mind during the third date are not uncommon, however, making sure the 3rd date goes as well as you hope it does require a little bit of planning.

Do’s and Don’ts for your third date preparation

3rd Date Do’s:

  • Do open the door and hold the chair
  • Do make gentle physical gestures
  • Do make jokes and laugh
  • Do talk about warm topics like family and pets
  • Do act comfortable
  • Do interest them in a personalized conversation
  • Do go in for the kiss (before it’s too late!)

man opening the door for woman

3rd Date Don’ts:

  • Do not talk about your ex
  • Do not bring up topics that anger you or your date
  • Do not get upset at the staff
  • Do not wear inappropriate clothing
  • Do not raise your voice
  • Do not get physically pushy
  • Do not get caught looking at other women

These are general guidelines to help you keep your best foot forward throughout your third date. You can get creative and think of other do’s and don’t to help you, and add them to your 3rd date preparation.

Other Third Date Tips

Use these five pointers to help navigate any tricky third date terrain.

Lower Your Expectations

You need to have high standards for your romantic partners that is a no-brainer, but that doesn’t mean that you want to set the bar so high that you only get let down. Allow yourself to lower your expectations of the other person on all accounts including sex, funny jokes, stress, and anything else you could be worried about before the third date.

Relax your mind, and do not expect anything that you might think is supposed to happen on the third date. Just enjoy that you are heading into the deeper territory of your new relationship.

Note: Your date may have expectations about sex or sexpectations. Do not let that shake you off your A-game. Just do what feels comfortable and make sure you don’t overstep any boundaries.

Stay Active

It’s okay to go out for just drinks if it’s the first date, or sometimes even the second date. However, the third date calls for more than just drinks and dinner; you may need to do something a little more active to entertain your partner. Consider something more amusing that you can share together like a creative hobby, sport, or spectator event. No matter what you decide to do on the third date, it should include a fun activity for you and your partner.

Show You Listen

It is so exciting when you make it to the third date with a partner because that means that you’re on the right track. Use the third date as an opportunity to show your new love interest that you really listen. You can use techniques like repeating key phrases, offering support, or chiming in with suggestions. It’s up to you how to make your date really feel heard.

Turn Her On

Everyone’s third date is different, but by the time you have taken her out on two dates, it’s time to turn her on. This could mean stimulating her intellectually, making her laugh or actually turning up the heat on your sex life. There are many ways to do it, which can include a gentle casual touch, a warm snuggling laugh, or Andover reach for the nape of her back — it’s up to you, but just do what feels comfortable and make sure you get her turned on by the end of date three.

Spill It

If you start to notice you have feelings for your partner after the third date — it is pretty normal. In fact, after the second date, you may already be ready for a long-term commitment. The third date is the ideal time to spill the beans to your partner on how you’re feeling. If you have romantic feelings for them at the end of the third date, tell them out loud. Telling your date the truth about your feelings is the best way to create a solid foundation for the future.

Do I Need Third Date Tips?

If you are excited about your third date with a new partner – that’s great! You do not need to let any of your hot and steamy momenta fall by the wayside, so go ahead and amp up the heat. The third date is an ideal opportunity to keep peeling back the layers of your personality and show your special someone more of yourself.

Remember to try and stay calm even if you start to notice butterflies in your stomach. That is a common third-date side effect that tends to wear off over time. If you are able to, try and enjoy the excitement for as long as it lasts. That is just one part of the third date jitters you might remember for the rest of your life if it turns out you not only make it through the third date but also the aisle.  

Everyone can use some assistance mastering the 3rd date. There are high hopes, sexpectations, and lingering butterflies from the first time they made your heart pitter-patter. But, never fear the third date jitters!

We have you covered with this simple guide to the do’s and don’ts for your third date. No matter how long you want the relationship to last, this simple list will help you take it there. For more useful tips and tricks, be sure to frequently check our blog section.