The early stages of any relationship are times of great excitement with someone new. Aside from the communication and new experiences, hormones (if there is that natural chemistry) will be raging at max capacity. That crazy high feeling when you can’t stop thinking about someone is a powerful emotion that is difficult to control.

When getting to know someone on a deeper level, you might begin to question if he or she feels “it” too. You are no stranger to those indescribable feelings that cannot be ignored, and the signs of sexual tension can be anywhere in the spectrum between obvious to subtle.

Luckily for you, there is no need to figure everything out on your own when it comes to decoding your crush’s sexual tension signs. We’ve compiled an extensive list to help point out the main ones, and even some less obvious ones, that can help you navigate your situation. Keep in mind that everyone acts differently, but these tips should help you decipher the mystery between you and your new boo.

Classic Signs of Sexual Tension

There is no sure way how to tell if there’s sexual tension because it is more of a feeling and combination of little things rather than one specific move. That feeling of being drawn to the other person, infatuated with everything they do, wanting to do more than just talk or hold hands are all part of the equation.

Eye Contact

This one is kind of a no-brainer. Eye contact is one of the strongest indicators that someone is into you. Just like it’d be hard to buy a car from someone who can’t look you in the eyes, you probably won’t be too attracted to someone who won’t give you their gaze.

Lots of eye contact is a great gauge for sexual tension with someone who is more than a friend. If you continually catch your new interest staring at you but doesn’t break eye contact when you catch them, things are about to heat up!

Eye Contact

Inconspicuous Touching

Do they “accidentally” bump into you or graze your hand walking next to each other? Words can mean a lot, but actions definitely speak louder.

Sexual tension can come across as wanting to make it known that you don’t want to keep your hands off any longer. The other side of this touching piece is if you find yourself to want to touch them and make physical contact, then you know that sexual spark is there. Physical touch is one of the easiest ways to make intentions known.

Close Proximity and Body Language

Remember those days in school when you couldn’t care less about what the teacher was saying and you found yourself slumped in your chair, gazing off towards the posters on the walls.

Well, think of the same body language principals for your new partner. Do they turn towards you? Do they seem engaged and attentive? Do they move in closer to you or keep their distance? Do they have strong posture or does their body look “like they couldn’t care less?” All these are good signs of someone digging you or not.

Digital Words

Nowadays, more and more relationships begin through a digital platform — whether it’s a computer or phone. You’ve probably heard of sexting or participated in one form or another, well, that’s not what this sign is about because that’s crystal clear. We’re not even talking about constant texting or messaging throughout the day because when everyone is glued to their phones, talking to people all day is easy.

What counts the most is the content of those messages — using emojis, flirty jokes, selfies, and even suggestive comments or jokes that are used to test the waters. Think about how the conversations have evolved — not only what is being said but also what could be implied and underlying. If your gut is telling you that winky face they just sent means something more, you are probably right.

Compliments Are Key

The best way to tell someone that you are into them (besides straight up saying it) is by laying on the compliments.

There is a big difference between being nice to a friend or coworker and complimenting that one person you want the attention of. Letting them know that you think their smile is gorgeous or that their outfit really looked great can be a strong indicator of that sexual energy. Even compliments that get to a more personal level like involving body parts (legs, chest, butt, etc.) make it a little more obvious for all parties involved.

If the person you are talking to constantly compliments you and it gives you butterflies or makes you tingle in special places, you know you have some sexual tension brewing.

Smiles and Laughter Can Tell a Lot

When someone smiles or laughs, it usually means they are happy, comfortable, and want you to know it. We express our feelings through various outlets and a real smile or laugh is hard to fake.

Sometimes people get shy or giddy, all good things when trying to figure out if you two have that sexual chemistry that has been driving you wild. Do they laugh at everything you say or smile without you saying a word? If so, you don’t have to worry too much because they are most likely waiting for the opportunity to take things one step further.

Sexual tension builds up over time and can eventually be too much for either person involved to handle. Like a dam that bursts, the sexual tension floods will come rushing, and without having time to think, you may be making out or more with that special someone.

Just remember to trust your gut and go with the flow. Being natural in the early stages of a relationship is one of the most important things to remember because you want to like the person for who they really are and vice versa.

Sexual tension can be an extremely exciting and fun part of the relationship, but if it continues for too long, it can get frustrating. Keep upping the ante and make sure that you make it obvious at some point because, as we mentioned before, everyone acts differently and may need a little bit of help deciphering what is sexual tension. Enjoy the fireworks and embrace every moment because the beginning of a new relationship can be extremely stimulating and exciting.

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