Online websites are filled with dating scammer ideas. After all, you cannot blame a criminal for looking online for victims on these types of websites. The people who are online looking for love may already be more vulnerable than other groups of people, making them even easier targets for scammers.

There is no reason you should fear getting online and looking for love, however, there are some dangers that could be lurking. For that reason, we created this simple guide to spotting an online scammer before you get fooled.

How to Spot Online Dating Scams (in 5 simple steps!)

While you cannot always spot a scammer, you may be able to keep them away with these 5 steps.

1. Identify Them

Using search engines can help you find out vital information that will identify an online dating scammer. Public record searches can also work for people who feel fishy. If you are skeptical about someone’s dating profile it could be a red flag that you found a scammer. If you have a hunch that the person you are into could also secretly be an online scammer, dig for dirt online about them. What you find could make a big difference between true love and a faker.

Online Dating Scammer

2. Verify the Information

If their profile information checks out online across a variety of searches you may not have a scammer on your hands. Don’t forget to check the photographs, too! You also need to actually see their photograph matches other online profiles that they share with other people. If you see a super-sexy profile pic, but the woman will not prove it is really her by validating it, is most likely an online dating scam.

3. Trust Your Gut

Throughout an online profile, there could be any number of things that set off your fight or flight instincts. If your gut tells you a profile seems off, you are probably right. Look out for bad grammar, strange capitalization or ALL CAPS, obsessive behavior, immediate bonding, requests to talk outside of the secure website, and blatant requests for money.

4. Moving Money

When an online scammer wants a victim, they also have a motive. One of the first red flags that should send you running in the opposite direction is when an online chat turns to topics concerning money. Get wise to scam artists because around 3,000 reports get reported every year and continue to grow in frequency across the U.S. If they ask for money or start talking about it – move on.

5. The Passion-Meter

If someone you meet online seems too good to be true — they probably are. If you feel like someone is so passionate that it doesn’t feel right, it could be a faker. The online dating scammers today are very charismatic, charming, and may claim to have fallen for you, never felt the way they feel about you about anyone else, have a special bond with you or even have met you before or have a strange connection with you. The bottom line is that if someone is passionate about you but it doesn’t feel real, it is most likely an online scam.

Staying Away From Online Dating Scammers

All online dating scammers are different, so if you want to protect yourself — stay aware. It is important to keep your eyes peeled for all types of scams including those mentioned above when you are looking for love online. If you ever feel uncomfortable or unsafe, be sure to get out of the online community where you feel threatened and report any suspicious activity to the moderators.

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