A “how to” guide in a magazine prompted us to try an experiment. At a popular nightclub, we approached a group of ladies, and asked, “Excuse us, ladies, we have a bet. We are hoping you and your friends could help us settle it.” One of the ladies replied, “What’s the question?” And the question was, “Who masturbates more, men or women?” She replied, “Are you for real?” with a look of disdain.  

So, we decided to continue with the experiment, we tried the same approach with another group of girls. This time, it went a bit differently. When the ladies responded (“Are you serious?”), we had a completely different answer for them —  “We’re all adults and we all do it. What’s the big deal?”

The ladies started debating the answer. It was a relief. They were actually entertained. The experiment proved that the conversation starters can indeed be sexy, flirtatious, outrageous, attention-grabbing, and leave a great first impression, it just depends on the person you’re approaching to!

Embrace Your Sexuality and She’ll Embrace Hers

Many people were raised with shame attached to sexuality. Religion, media, and society created a sense of shame surrounding sexuality. Flirting is one way humans express sexual interest.

However, women are often concerned about flirting because they do not want to seem “slutty” or forward. The stigma they fear keeps many women from expressing interest. It’s up to you to provide her with a comfortable environment to express thoughts freely.

You have to lighten up and get comfortable with your own sexuality to be able to start a sexy conversation. By becoming comfortable with your own sexuality, you’ll help the ladies to be comfortable with theirs. The confidence and ability to make the topic of masturbation light-hearted allowed the ladies to embrace sexuality and reply with an equal amount of confidence and light-heartedness.

Sexuality Intimacy and the Right Person

Women desire sex. They enjoy sex and want an intimate connection. Intimacy and affection are at the core of our human psychological needs. Sexual intimacy is important to human happiness. Women don’t think about sex as men do. In order for a woman to open up to the idea of a sexual relationship, she needs to feel comfortable talking about her desires.

Your attitude and approach is key to opening up the conversation that turns a friendship into a romantic relationship. Having a healthy attitude towards sex promotes a romantic connection. Our experimental approach was bold. You’ll likely have a better response if you take the time to get to know a woman first. Women like it when you ask questions. Start with simple questions before leading up to more intimate ones.

Sexuality Intimacy

Taking Risks and Venturing into the Danger Zone

Approach the topic of sexuality in a tasteful manner. The inexperienced must take risks as they venture into the danger zone. Exploring sexual conversations is a learning experience for young adults.

When is it okay to move into an intimate conversation? You don’t need permission to approach the topic. You need confidence. Women won’t say, “Ask me anything you want about my sexuality.” It just doesn’t happen like that. Sensitivity is important.

There are some topics that will open the door. The movie, 50 Shades of Gray, is an example of a door opener. Romantic movies and pop culture couples are great door openers.

Once you’ve reached topics like past relationships, dating, or hooking up, it’s a good sign you’re on the right track. If you’re talking about these intimate topics, it’s a great opportunity to move forward with personal questions.

Try phrases like, “Can I ask you something personal?” It’s a great way to take a casual conversation about relationships to the next level. Organic moments are rare. Crafting the moment is important. You want to lead into a conversation about sex. Here are some conversation door openers.

  • “Is it okay to ask you something personal?”
  • “Will you share something intimate about yourself with me?”
  • “Small talk aside, tell me about the real you.”
  • “Would you tell me about your personal desires?”

How you ask is as important as what you ask. Hobbies, interests, pop culture are great doorways to more personal conversations. Once you’ve got some personal chit chat out of the way, feel confident asking more intimate questions.

The Good Stuff Is Worth the Wait

Get through the basics. Then you’ll get to the good stuff. It’s worth the wait. Craft your moment. Lead up to intimate questions. Once she’s shared that she likes yoga and hip-hop, you can ask a question that’s a bit more intimate. Here are some sexy conversation starters.

  • “What was your first kiss like?”
  • “What do you look for in men?”
  • “How do you express interest in someone?”

Make her feel comfortable. Share your own experience. Start by saying, “My first kiss was totally awkward and embarrassing. How about yours?” It’s a great way to break the ice and make her feel comfortable. Sharing something embarrassing yourself allows her to feel comfortable sharing about herself.

Time To Ask the Real Questions

You’ve made it this far and the conversation is getting interesting. How do you ask the real questions and get the answers you want? Here are a few flirting conversation examples for you to try once the conversation is flowing.

  • “What your favorite sexual position?”
  • “Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?”
  • “What’s your most embarrassing sexual story?”

These three questions offer a range. They allow you to advance the sexual conversation based on the comfort level of your companion. These three questions open the door to exploring the fun of sharing sexual exploits. Sharing your own stories creates a comfortable atmosphere for her to share.

Show Your Confidence; It’s Sexy

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