Everyone loves receiving a nice sexy text from someone that they are attracted to. If you are a guy, how can you make sure that you are receiving fun, flirtatious text messages from women as often as possible?

To be honest, you have to initiate the process by sending your own flirty text messages. But, you need to do it right. Nobody wants to be approached by someone who is too crass or looks too desperate; so you cannot come off that way. How do you make sure that you text a lady in a way to get your desired response?

Well, let’s show you how to tease a girl over text in this guide!

Rule #1 – Be Funny

The way into a man’s heart has always been through his stomach. However, the way into a woman’s heart is with humor. Don’t think you are funny? It’s okay if you have never been able to get a crowd of people rolling in laughter. We all have sides of our personality that are somewhat silly and witty. If you can, try to get in touch with your funny side and add some light, non-intrusive humor into your next text message foray with a good-looking gal.

Remember that there is always a fine line when it comes to humor. Try not to say anything that is too contrived or goes too far because those statements will make you seem strange and maybe even creepy. She may never text you again if you overstep your bounds or make the mood awkward.

The most important thing to do in order to avoid such response is to just relax and be yourself when texting her. If she likes you, she will probably giggle quite a lot at things you text naturally. Keep it simple man!

Rule #1 – Be Funny

Tease Her on Her Unique Quirks

Women get caught up in their own thoughts about themselves. Sometimes, they enjoy being able to see the cuteness and quirkiness of their actions/statements from another person’s point of view.

As long as you both have established a somewhat comfortable communication, feel free to mention how cute and funny you find some of her interesting traits to be. Not only will she blush but she will feel closer to you as well. And she will definitely note that you have been paying attention.

Make sure you don’t overstep her comfort zone. One of the best ways to avoid that is to tease her about things that you already know she thinks are funny about her.

Don’t Be Too Intense

Being too intense or aggressive is the easiest way to drive a woman away. In many ways, being intense is the opposite of being inviting. If you are trying to tease a woman and invite her to tease back, you will want to make sure you temper your more consuming, distasteful, and creepy emotions as much as possible, unless you want the same treatment back (or no treatment at all).

Don’t Tease Her About Anything She Is Insecure About

Yes, we know we told you to tease her! However, teasing has its limits. If you want to romantically (and successfully) woo your text message buddy, you need to make sure you steer clear of anything you know that bothers her.

Even if it is funny to you, make sure you don’t show a sign of a grin or a hint of a giggle whenever her insecurities come up. If you do, it could be the end of everything. There have been many well-meaning, yet “humorous” text messages that have instantly led to a broken relationship.

Be Cautious and Start Slow

You need to really get to know your girl before you understand her boundaries and know what you can say to her without hurting her feelings. Knowing this delicate balance is crucial in the text courtship game.

The only way you can find out about her limits safely is to be cautious and start slow with any initial teasing. Initiate it by gently poking fun at her and see how she responds. She will most likely be quite receptive to your advances and jokes if she likes you until you strike a chord.

Once you sense some distance or anger from her, RETREAT! Now you know where some of her boundaries are at. Just make sure you don’t overstep the same line too many times or she will toss you in the gutter.

Do not Get Offended if She Jokes Back

If a girl starts teasing you back, she is letting you know that she digs you. However, if you cannot take it, you shouldn’t dish it! Part of being humorous is being able to take a joke as well as being able to say one.

If you make fun of others without being able to be roasted yourself, she will most likely lose interest in you immediately. Such behavior shows that you are not an equal-opportunity player in the game of romance. And it makes you look extremely petty. Both of them are extremely unattractive qualities for women.

Know When to Stop Texting

This may be the most important text message rule of all. If she isn’t responding back to your jokes or advances, just stop texting her. Don’t invest more time into something that looks like a lost cause. If it is meant to be, she will come back. But if not, go ahead and find another date. There are plenty more women out there for you!

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