Signs a man is falling in love with a woman are not always clear. In fact, the signs a man is falling in love are notoriously unclear, which may be why women are oftentimes left asking, “Does he love me or not?” If you are one of the millions of women wondering about the status of their love life, use this simple guide.

How to tell if a man is falling in love will be easier with these eight signs. Notice these hints he is falling for you to know if it is love or something else like lust, attachment or a toxic relationship.

8 Signs a Man is Falling in Love

Body Language

One thing about genuine affection that you can always count on is the body’s inability to lie. When in actual love, a man will not really be able to hide it. When he talks to you, his body will open up especially in the torso and chest.

Because his heart is open to you, a man who is falling in love with a woman will tend to be more animated when speaking, especially to the object of his affection. He may also open his palms, arms, and mouth for a woman he has set his sights on. How to tell if a man is falling in love with you makes you take a closer look at what his body says. So, go ahead and look.

Looking Hard

When a man looks at you in a way that emphasizes your body parts, for example, you catch him looking at your butt or breasts, it is a sign that he feels an attraction to you. However, if a man wants you, he will look harder and possibly even linger a little too long. A man who makes eye contact with a woman wants more than just her body, and a man who spends time gazing into the deep pools of your soul is in love.

Looking Hard

He Reaches Out

If you notice a man is hovering around you, attempting to make eye contact or spend time with you, he may be looking for love. You will know he wants more when he actually touches you. Once may be an accident, but “accidentally” brushing against you, rubbing your legs or even stepping on your feet could be a red flag he’s ready for more.

How to tell if a man is falling in love with you will always include his body touching yours when it is really love.

He Speaks to You

When a man speaks up to tell you he likes something about you, it is a heads up that he is into you. If a man is falling in love with you, he says more than just “I like that blouse.” In fact, one of the most obvious signs that a man is falling in love with a woman is that he says more, to let her know that he means it.

More than eye contact with her body or even her eyes, touching or making gestures when a man says things to draw your attention to the fact that he is having feelings for you, that could mean he is going to use the L-word. If you want to know if he really loves you — he will tell you. Maybe not in so many words, so feel free to read between the lines until he finally outright says, “I love you.”

Compliments, mentions of your beauty, and admiration of the way you move, speak or gracefully make your way through life, is a sign he’s falling for you.

He Knows What You Said

Beyond talking to the man that you want, when he returns with a statement that reveals he was actually paying attention, it could be love. This may sound funny, but all joking aside, men tend to hear things in a one-ear-out-the-other fashion.

When you speak and he knows what to say back because he listens to you, it’s a clear sign. If you can talk to a man for an extended period of time, that may be a red flag that he is falling in love with you.

He Can Handle It

When lust falls away or at least falls by the wayside — life happens. And let’s face it, life can be rough. However, if a man is falling in love with a woman, the gross human parts about her like what she does in the bathroom, the face she makes when she cries, and the fact that babies come out of her, won’t be an issue.

You Come First

If a man is falling in love with a woman, she will come first, and that means both in and outside of the bedroom too. If a man’s feelings have anything to do with love, his woman’s happiness and wellbeing are at the top of his list. And that’s an everyday thing. Love is on your phone, in your kitchen, on your desk, in your car … You get the idea.

He Tries Really Hard

Lust is easy. It simply requires a physical attraction and some type of energy spent on nurturing the infatuation. However, when it’s love, you’ll notice a man putting himself outside of his comfort zone. He may go to a dance club even though he can’t dance, just to please a woman. This is a common sign that a man is in love, and he is willing to show you that.

There are so many sexy, flirty things men do when they are drawn to a woman. But, how will you know if he really loves you? Use these eight signs that a man is falling in love to know for sure. Then, trust your heart, and if you are ready, go ahead and fall in love.