Trying to decode the female sex can be a difficult task, and sometimes even impossible when trying to determine if they like you. We’re not talking about liking you as a friend; we mean “like like” you.

Now, the other side of this conundrum is that women often claim that men are clueless and struggle to pick up on even the most obvious hints. For the sake of argument, we’re going to go ahead and side with guys on this one, and provide some important things to watch for so you can catch the signs a woman is interested in you.

Things will be so much easier for you in your female chasing endeavors when you actually know what to look for. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will know how to tell if a woman likes you or not.

Signs a woman is interested in you

There are two distinct categories of signs that women throw out and they are:

  • physical signs
  • social/personality signs

Physical signs that a woman likes you

The physical signs are often going to be a lot easier to pick up on because less inferring and reasoning comes into play.

As men, we often do our best when thinking is minimal (not to insult the more intellectual ones at all), but when it comes to women, overthinking things can be our ultimate demise. Let’s look at the physical signs a woman is interested in you first.

Posture and body language

Sitting up or standing tall, pulling her shoulders back and facing in your direction are positive signals that indicate she’s paying attention and wants to impress or catch your attention.

Just like in school, if you enjoy the class, then you were much more likely to sit up and pay attention. The same principle applies to women — if she doesn’t care she most likely won’t be facing directly towards you and giving you her full attention. Remember, body language is often an unconscious indicator of her true intentions.

Eye Contact

This can go one of two ways, which makes it tricky to tell at first. Some women will avoid direct eye contact and even avert their gaze if you catch them looking at you. This comes off as shy or bashful, but if they’re looking at you in the first place, there’s a good chance she may want your attention.

Now, some of the more confident females in the dating pool will be willing to hold their gaze and let your eyes meet theirs. Dilated pupils are a physiological sign of interest and attraction, although this can be a bit tricky to tell (without creepily staring at her). This is an even bigger indicator that there is some interest on her end of things. Whether this is from across a crowded bar or even at the gym, eye contact is one of the strongest non-verbal hints that a woman can make.

The odds are on your side when it comes to either form of eye contact, but no eye contact at all is usually the nail in the coffin.

(Un)intentional touch

Women don’t just go around brushing the arms of guys that they have no interest in because that would just be crazy. A gentle graze of your arm, accidentally bumping into you on the way back to her seat, or maybe even her hand on your shoulder or back while talking to you, are all strong signs that she has interest in you.

(Un)intentional touch

The honest smile

It’s hard to fake a smile when someone is having a miserable time, and it is difficult to keep from smiling when someone makes you happy. Keep this in mind when you are talking with a potential date or making eye contact with that girl across the party. If she flashes a smile after looking at you or continually smiles during your conversation, keep up whatever you are doing because it’s working!

Social/personality signs that a woman likes you

Let’s take a look at social/personality signs that will certainly help you recognize if she really likes you.

She Asks Personal Questions

Taking a personal interest in you, that goes beyond the casual small talk of friendly conversation, often shows her interest. If she likes you, she will naturally want to know more about you, like your dreams, your values, or more.

If you like her, you will answer her questions and begin to open up to her more. She will then most likely begin to share more personal details about herself, too. This exchange of deeper talk is often the foundation for a budding relationship.

So, if she asks you questions that even your friends don’t know the answers to, you know you’re in the game.

Playful Teasing

There was an old saying back in elementary school, about that age range when girls and boys stopped having cooties that went something like, “those who tease, those who like.” This same schoolyard theory still holds true sometimes.

Some women like to playfully tease a guy they are into, to make things a little more interesting and see how they take it. This can be a tricky one to read, depending on the girl’s personality (sarcastic/sassy, or dry) because what you might take as playful teasing might be her way of saying, “Not interested.”

Making Plans

While some of the signs listed above may not be the most obvious to pick up on, however, if the girl you have taken a liking to takes the initiative and makes plans with you, then there may not be a more obvious sign, unless of course she flat out tells you she likes you.

Think of it this way, if she didn’t have any interest in you, why would she make the effort to see you again? So, if this situation arises (which we hope it does!) then be sure show up on time, and be ready to catch more signals that she throws at you.


Whether subtle or obvious, women, for the most part, do a great job of letting the ones they are interested in know their intentions, and it is our job to pick up on the clues and put the pieces together. Keep your eyes and ears open, and enjoy the courting phase of what hopefully ends up being a wonderful relationship or casual fling.

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