Have you ever developed strong emotions towards someone who you only knew a couple of weeks? Are you one of those women who invest themselves emotionally as soon as they like a guy? Have you been turned down by a potential partner in the past with the excuse of feeling pressured? Have you found yourself wondering how to get him to commit to a serious relationship, but you end up getting hurt every time?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you should take a moment and read this article because you’ll definitely learn something useful. However, before we jump into the gist of things, we would like to give you a small disclaimer. Every guy is unique, and there is no single approach that will do the trick and make him commit to you. In truth, persuading a guy to enter a serious relationship is almost impossible if there’s a lack of feelings on his side. That would just be a waste of time for both of you. 

But not all hope is lost. In fact, in order to know how to get a guy to commit, you need to fully understand the meaning of commitment.

A Mutual Display of Affection and Attraction

A commitment is not just handing out traditional labels such as “boyfriend” “girlfriend,” or “partner.” It’s also not just about exclusivity or being held accountable. A commitment is a mutual desire do dedicate love, time, and energy to each other. The word “mutual” is crucial because no one will stay in a relationship for too long if they were forced into it. Knowing this, we can conclude that in order to get him to commit to a serious relationship, you need to inspire him to want it on his own. How you go about doing it can often be the difference between ending up in a happy relationship or being disappointed.

Let’s explore some strategies on how to make him commit without pressure.

1. Don’t Go Overboard Right Away

No matter how much you like the guy, no matter how perfect he seems to be, going all-in at such an early stage of your relationship is a sure way to overwhelm him and scare him away. If the guy of your dreams has a little bit of a fear of commitment, giving him space instead of pressuring him is a better approach. Being clingy right from the get-go might sound cute and romantic, but in reality, it’s a red flag. Now, don’t confuse giving him space with playing hard to get. You never want to be stuck in an endless loop of playing games with your partner. Unless you’re dealing with an immature guy, in which case you shouldn’t play at all. 

If you’re having the infamous conversation about taking the next step, make sure it’s a mutual decision. 

2. Take It Slow

a couple holding hands

Assure him that being in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean losing your personal freedom. It’s more about moving forward together at the same pace. Before talking about going exclusive, it’s important to feel out if you’re on the same page. To do this, you can make him a tad jealous by gently reminding him that there are other guys that are interested in you, but you’re only interested in him. By letting him know you have other options in a non-invasive way, he will realize what’s at stake and what he’s potentially losing if he doesn’t make the commitment.

3. Remind Yourself of Your Worth

When it comes to relationships and being deeply in love, we tend to forget our own worth, while trying to gain the affection of the guy we like so much. Sometimes we need to stop and remind ourselves of our own value. Always remember that you are a high-value, self-confident woman who is happy with what she has achieved in her life and your goal is to find someone who you can continue your journey with. However, you are perfectly capable of moving forward in life on your own. A woman who is desperate to be in a relationship can be a real turn off in any scenario, but especially if you’re dealing with a commitment-phobe. On the other hand, a self-respecting woman who knows her worth can be more desirable than a gorgeous woman lacking any self-esteem.

Remember, never invest yourself based on how much you like someone. Instead, invest yourself based on how much the other person is willing to invest in you.

4. Be His Safe Haven

If you’re wondering how to make a guy want a relationship, all you need to do is allow him to be vulnerable around you. This means being supportive when he’s around, but also understanding that he needs his alone time just like you do. By doing this, he won’t feel pressured to open up to you, but will instead feel the need to do it on his own. 

Opening up and connect emotionally needs to happen at a normal pace. Once he’s sure he can rely on you, he’ll feel safe to express his feelings, and he’ll value your relationship much more. Being his safe haven will make him want to hold on to you no matter what he has to give up in return. 

Remember, everyone seeks value in a relationship and wants to benefit from it just as much as the other side. Making your partner commit to a serious relationship is not something that can happen overnight. You have to work for it. However, don’t forget that your partner should be investing just as much energy into it as you. If that’s not the case, you’re better off looking for love somewhere else. 

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