Long gone are the days of the “little black book” of contact information from previous lovers and encounters because smartphones and computers have taken their place.

The dating scene has shifted from a traditional face-to-face way of meeting people to utilizing technology to help do the work for us.

Online dating has opened up, what seems like, countless opportunities for those of us choosing to embark down this new societal norm. With a few clicks, online daters are transported (figuratively) to a virtual dating marketplace.

While it seems to be a much safer method than meeting random people at the bar late at night, there are still very serious risks involved and caution is urged for safe online dating. While you can’t control the predatory, abusive, or disrespectful behavior of others, there are measures that you can take to help protect yourself in online safe dating.

We’re going to give you a few of the most important online dating safety tips (some you may not have considered) for you to keep in mind during your dating adventures. 

Location Settings

The first thing to check before you start swiping right and matching eligible singles is to check your location settings. No, we don’t mean to make sure your matching people in your same city, but sometimes certain dating platforms show very precise location information. Keep your location and identity under wraps until your suitor has been properly vetted.

Google Yourself

This sounds silly, but we recommend that you do it. See what kind of public information is available on you. Are your social media accounts public? Is it easy to find your address with the information you’ve provided on your profile? Do a little research on yourself to see if you are safe dating online. 

Choose Unique Pictures

While we always try to post our best pictures on social media, it is a smart idea to save a few just for your online dating profile. Even though you might not have known that you can reverse image search online, it is pretty easy to do and find the social media profiles if the pictures are the same. 

Save the Personal Details for Later

Don’t give out too personal of information on your profile bio, especially if anyone using the platform can see it. Once you start connecting with someone via messaging, be careful not to disclose any personal details until you feel comfortable. Even things that you may not view as being worth a second thought can be used in malicious ways in the wrong hands. 

Keep from Texting Too Early

While it may seem inconvenient to always have to open up the specific dating platform to message your new crush, but stick with it a bit longer than you’d like to help protect yourself. 

Use Google Voice Number

It is strongly recommended that you talk to the person on the phone, to hear their voice, prior to setting up a real meetup. It helps establish a level of comfort and trust that’s deeper than emails and messages. Just be sure to use Google Voice instead of your personal phone number. Remember, personal information can be used for the wrong reasons!

Drive Yourself

Never agree to let them pick you up or drop you off. Chivalry might be important to them, but your personal safety and privacy mean more, especially at the start of a new relationship. 

Meet in Public

This is a no-brainer, but it’s better to be said too much than not enough. Always, always, always meet in a public place for the first few dates. Restaurants, the movies, mini golf, a bar or whatever you want to plan but make sure you won’t be alone with your new love interest. 

Meet in Public

Share Your Plan

Tell a friend the specifics of your date. Time, place, who it is that you’re meeting and when you expect to be done. And don’t forget to let them know when you get home safely because unnecessary panic is never fun. 

Easy on the Booze

Be smart about how much you drink. As you know, alcohol lowers inhibitions and judgment as well as a lot of other bodily functions. Don’t put yourself in a state to where it can become easy to get into trouble. To play it safe, avoid drinking on the first date altogether. 

Be Selective with Sites and Apps

Thanks to the internet; we can now read reviews from other users and customers on everything from the park down the street to a specific phone case. Do your research and be selective when choosing where you date online. There are a lot of sites and apps out there that may not have the best measures and intentions at heart that can make it easier for bad people to do bad things.

Now that the serious talk is over, we want you to know that with a little bit of smart thinking and proper online dating safety protocols, digital dating doesn’t have to be scary at all!

At Baeby, we want our community of users to feel right at home while they search for fun, love or anything else and know that we have their best interests at heart. Join today, create your profile and start your dating journey!