To call him or not to call him? 

The burning question that always pops up whenever you feel insecure or when you think your relationship is going through a crisis. Ask yourself, how many sleepless nights have you spent wondering and pondering – should I call him if he hasn’t called me?

When a guy you like doesn’t call you for a week, you start panicking and thinking up some of the craziest scenarios, while continually looking at your phone. You want to make sure everything is alright between the two of you, but then again, you’re worried you’ll come off as needy and clingy. At least that’s what your friends tell you while they passionately protest against you calling him. 

So should you call him when he doesn’t call for a week? This is not a simple question, so you can’t expect to come up with a simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answer. To figure out if it’s okay to call him, you’ll need to assess the situation first and try to take a more rational perspective on the matter. Let’s explore some of the factors that might help you figure out what to do when he doesn’t call you. 

1) Did he promise to call you?

So when on a date, you talked, you were laughing at each other’s jokes, and the overall vibe was good. The date ended with a warm hug or even a kiss, and he told you he had a fantastic time and that he’ll call you to so that you can go out again sometimes. Another example would be if you were dating for some time now, and you got in a small argument that ended with him breaking up the conversation and telling you that he’ll call you back. 

While these two scenarios are different, calling him before he calls you would be a mistake. No matter the situation, if a guy tells you that he will call you, then you’re definitely not doing yourself a favor by calling him first. First of all, you deserve better than that, and secondly, by not keeping his promise, he’s actually showing that he doesn’t respect you. It’s not a matter of pride; it’s a matter of respect.

Did he promise to call you

2) Does He Come Off as an Introvert?

Not all guys are confident and forward as we like to think they are. Some are shy and insecure, just as much as we are. Just because you went on a first date with him and he didn’t call you or text you the very next day, doesn’t mean he’s not interested or that you should drive yourself crazy right away. He may be a shy person that needs a little confirmation before making the next step. 

He might be taking his time, and yes, we know it sounds silly, but some guys need a whole week to gather the courage to send a text or make the call. It might seem like he’s not interested, but a lot of guys hesitate to make the first move even though they like you. That’s the nature of dating. If he gives off an introverted vibe and you really like him, make the first move and call him. You’ll speed up the process and encourage him to ask you out on a second date.

3) Is He Playing Hot and Cold?

If you’ve been seeing someone for a while now yet things have been far from steady, you’re probably stuck in a “hot and cold” relationship. Let’s say everything is fine for a short period, you’re seeing each other, going out on dates, and just generally maintaining contact. Suddenly, you’re feeling confused and frustrated when he doesn’t call for a whole week. If an entire week goes by without a word, then you have every right to be suspicious and unhappy. No one likes mind games, and neither should you. In our opinion, if this guy isn’t calling you back, he’s actually doing you a favor.

4) Are You Always the One That’s Chasing?

If you’re the one initiating contact and arranging dates, then there’s an obvious lack of interest on his side. While it’s perfectly normal to act this way if you like a guy, chances are you’ll get tired of chasing sooner rather than later. Instead of waiting for that to happen, cut off all communication and see what happens. Don’t call him for a whole week. If he doesn’t call you back, at least you’ll know he’s not interested and you won’t be wasting your time anymore. 

Are You Always the One That's Chasing

5) Do You Really Like Him?

Modern dating can be confusing and tricky, but it also eliminates a lot of rules, one of them being “the guy texts first.” If the date went well and you had a lot of fun, there’s nothing wrong with texting him first instead of waiting for days or even a whole week before you get any feedback. There’s nothing wrong if a woman takes charge and makes the first move. Don’t just sit there wondering if you’re both on the same page, pick up your phone and find out. 

If he responds positively, you’re guaranteed a second date. If he ignores you, well then it wasn’t meant to be, and you just saved yourself a lot of time spent banging your head against a wall, wondering will he ever call you back. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get the response you’ve been hoping for. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, and you never know when you’ll meet someone who deserves you. In fact, you can start looking for your perfect match right away by checking your local dating websites. Here at Baeby, you can start your new love chapter by finding thousands of attractive singles near you. Ditch your unhealthy relationship and find someone new with a few clicks!