You might think turning on a man is easy, but you could be wrong. Have you ever wondered why men always seem to have a wandering eye? It is partly because men are turned on visually. Unlike women, a man may be aroused without you even knowing it,  just by looking at your body. It’s not that men are disloyal by nature. In fact, for many men, just the opposite is true.

However, women may never get to see that side of their sexual partner because (let’s be honest) they simply aren’t satisfied. Most women think it is enough just to act sexy or allow a man to make advances to get them interested. While looking and touching is enough for some men, sexual attraction for males actually works in a more complex way.

This is why so many men turn to pornographic videos, websites, private dancers, gentlemen’s clubs, online chat rooms, and webcam girls. You see, what turns men on takes understanding on the part of the woman, and today, this can be challenging. You may already know the basics about men, but to really know what turns a man on sexually, you need to know more about how their arousal center works.

If you need evidence that a man is into you, you may need more than one piece of proof. You can gain the courage to paddle further out towards his heart (or his penis), whichever you are more interested in, by finding out just how bad he wants you. Use these 5 signs a man is sexually attracted you to know for sure if he is worth it.

5 Signs a Man is Attracted to You Sexually:

He Looks at You

One of the most wonderfully charming things about men’s sexual attraction is their ability to get aroused just by looking at you. A man can set his gaze over a woman’s body even if she is not physically compatible with him and get turned on

In case a man sets his eyes on a woman with body parts that meet his expectations for sex and they are compatible — it should be very clear he wants her. As a woman, you will probably feel his satisfaction when he looks at you. In any case, if you notice this type of attention from a man take it as a clear sign he is sexually attracted to you.

NOTE: If he is staring at places on your body that are sexual – it’s a no brainer that he wants you.

He Looks Like You

There is a social mating theory known as associative mating in which men’s attraction levels are shown to be similar to that of his mate. Basically, the associative mating theory means men do not need you to be a supermodel in order to become sexually attracted. For example, biker men may prefer a biker woman over a suburban housewife.

He Blushes

When a man makes a move on a woman, it can flush her face. This is also known as “blushing,” commonly caused by the rush of blood to the body from the genitals. If you notice that a man is looking at you, then becomes shy or awkward, it could be the signs that he is actually blushing on the inside.  

He Touches You

If a man touches you either on purpose or by accident it could be a sign that he wants you. A gentle brush of the arm, bumping into you, or actually reaching out in a gentle, more sexual way are all clear signs. Regardless of the way a man touches you, if he wants to make physical contact it is because he wants to get physically closer.

man touching a woman

He Makes Eye Contact

When a man looks into your eyes, he took it to that next level. Women are beautiful and it is a fact that naturally, men are attracted to them. If you feel the intensity of his eye contact, pay attention to how often and how hard he locks onto yours. If it feels awkward or prolonged, the gaze could raise an eyebrow. It is most likely a sign that he wants you, so look back and see how you feel. If you want to know if he loves you — it’s in his eyes.

The Sexy Science: The Signs a Man Wants You

The signs that a man is sexually attracted to you may not always be clear as they can occur during different times and environments. However, once you identify what they are to you, you can make better sense of what to do next.

Because female and male sexual arousal is very different, women can have difficulty reading the signals from a man. What experts already know is that men have a very clear focus on specific body parts (legs, butt, breasts), and they have a very clear idea of what they prefer those parts to look like. How do you know if a man wants you? He is definitely looking at you.

Men are very visual, but there is more to a man’s sexual desire than what meets the eye. Correctly reading the signs he is sexually attracted to you is the first step in understanding a man’s sexual desire, and it could be much more than a look from head to toe. It could be any of the signs listed above. The trick to understanding the sexy signs a man wants you is knowing how they all work for him.

Depending on the type of relationship you want to have, you can use these signs to help dig deeper into a sexual partnership or build a long-term relationship based on the attraction. If there is little else besides lust between you – that’s ok, too! There is plenty of fun you can have with a sexual partner that clearly expresses their desire.

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