Dating has never been an easy task. The difficulty is especially exacerbated when it comes to setting up the first date. Meeting someone new and interesting is already hard enough. Now you have to plan an initial romantic rendezvous that will be able to keep this amazing person coming back? Sounds nearly impossible!

Let’s keep it real; most dates are quite boring. They all seem to follow a similar conventional process and plot. Almost all dates involve some combination of a delicious meal and a decent movie. But, how many of these type of dates do we have to go on before they become completely mundane?

One of the best ways to court someone on a date is to take them out on new, exciting adventures. And if you think creatively, you can probably find a number of interesting first date ideas in your area that can fit any budget.

Here are several adventurous first date ideas for you to try in 2020!

1) Check out a specialty bar

Many people go out for drinks on a first date. They go to their neighborhood bar or brewery. However, have you ever thought about having your next first date at a specialty bar?

Specialty bars have become a huge craze over the past few years because people have wanted to switch up their typical drinking spots. Why not go to a themed bar, a new-age speakeasy, an arcade sports bar or a self-serve station, to switch up your typical dating spots?

2) Try a cooking or baking class

Cooking and baking are great ways to bond with someone. Not only do you both have to work on an interactive project for your first date but you both will have plenty of face time to get to know each other.

On top of this, you will also get a (hopefully) fantastic meal that you both can enjoy once done. And don’t worry about having ingredients ready or not knowing how to cook; the instructor will provide you with all the food, utensils, and necessary instruction you need.

cooking class

3) Take a winery/brewery tour

Here is another unique way for you and your date to still go drinking, but not at the local bar. Most of these tours are relatively inexpensive and there are breweries/wineries located all over the country. Just find one around you and make a reservation! They will usually provide you with a ton of free alcohol while also showing you the behind-the-scenes workings of their alcohol-making processes.

4) Go to a volunteer opportunity together

One way to really illustrate how good of a person you are to your first date is to do some good volunteer work together. Working at a soup kitchen, helping with environmental cleanup, or building a house, brings people together naturally. Let that magic work in your favor for your first date. Plus, it is a great way to start your relationship on a positive note.

5) Thrift shopping

Going thrift shopping on your first date is an inexpensive way to find more about your date’s style and personality. On top of this, interesting, humorous, and random surprises are inherently built into every thrift store experience. Might as well enjoy these qualities with your next date!

6) Visit an animal shelter

If you and your date happen to share a love for dogs or cats (or both), visiting an animal shelter could be a perfect first date idea! Not only can you spend the entire date playing with your favorite canines and/or felines, but you could also end up with a new pet that could help you both bond on a deeper level.

7) Go to a book or poetry reading

Most current authors and poets travel around the country and read their works to intimate crowds. And many of them do it for free! Find some book or poetry readings that are being held in your area with an artist you like, and see how their work makes your date feel.

8) Go to a karaoke bar

Okay, we already know that most people can barely sing. This is why most of us completely avoid karaoke bars. However, karaoke is not about singing well (even though that never hurts) but more about just letting loose and having fun. Karaoke bars are actually filled with laughter, not shame! Plus, singing karaoke is one of the best ways to break the ice on the first date and show how bold, funny, and maybe even talented you are!

9) Find a local trivia night

This is yet another fun and different way to get some drinks on your first date! Many neighborhood bars have a weekly or monthly trivia night that they host. It should be noted that most trivia nights occur on weekdays; that makes them perfect for mid-week dates!

10) Hit a hiking trail

If you live in a place with some natural wonders or gorgeous landscapes, this should be on the top of your Rolodex of first date ideas. Hikes don’t cost a single thing and they are a wonderful way to get lost in the beauty of Mother Nature with the beauty you are trying to impress!

11) Play in a trampoline park

Trampoline parks are unbelievably fun, yet many people have never visited them. They are a perfect place for a first date! Trampoline parks are an inexpensive date option that will bring out the playful child from inside of any adult!

12) Check out an interactive play

Interactive plays are always entertaining and unique. You might also be surprised by how many of these plays are performed throughout the country. Check the paper or online sources to see what your local arts community has to offer!

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