Love – the word gets tossed around almost every day. The context may be different, however, in most cases, the message itself remains the same. When we speak about it, most of the time, we’re referring to something that we yearn, something to complete our lives or something that we seek to protect and keep.

While there’s a lot of info out there about seeking love, about falling in love, and love in general, there’s fairly little about keeping a love going strong. Yes, we’re talking about the phrase “love language”.

Well, you may have heard the phrase somewhere and you may have even heard that there is more than one language you can speak when it comes to love.

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, there are 5 different love languages and that there are 5 ways to love, or to keep the torch of your love burning as strong as ever.


  • Words of Affirmation
  • Quality Time
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Acts of Service
  • Physical Touch

The idea behind the languages is fairly simple: break down and decode the different ways in which couples communicate with each other to finally understand what our partner really wants and expects from us.

As seen above, there are 5 languages – according to Dr. Chapman – in which people express and interpret love. These are basically communication patterns which the majority of people use to interpret and express love.

Chapman states that everyone has one primary and one secondary love language, and according to his theory, people most often tend to give love in the way they prefer to receive it.

When it comes to giving and receiving love, everyone has different preferences and this is the main cause of relationships starting to get sticky or go downhill. According to Chapman, by understanding our significant others’ inherent love language, walls in our romantic lives can finally start to fall down,

We here at We See You think that keeping a romantic relationship going strong is of utmost importance, which is why we bring you the infamous 5 love languages!



  • WORDS OF AFFIRMATION – This one is fairly simple. This language uses words to affirm other. Those who prefer this language like to hear things like “I love you” and other similar compliments that make them feel special, needed, and accepted. In this language, words hold real value and negative or insulting comments can leave pretty bad scars – that will take a fairly long time to heal.
  • QUALITY TIME – This language literally means spending quality time with your partner and giving them your undivided attention. For the person who speaks this love language as a primary language, talk is cheap, and only quality time spent together can satisfy them and make them feel comforted. Postponing dates, failure to listen and distractions can be extremely hurtful to quality timers. Being there for them is crucial.
  • RECEIVING GIFTS – According to Chapman, some people feel the most loved if they receive a tangible gift from their significant other. This doesn’t have to mean that the person who speaks this love language is materialistic, it simply means that meaningful and thoughtful presents and gifts are what make them feel special and appreciated.RECEIVING GIFTS
  • ACTS OF SERVICEFor these individuals, acts speak louder than words. People who speak the language of service like it when their partner lends them a helping hand to show they really care about them. They want their partner to recognize that they have to deal with a lot of stress and helping them out here and there means the world to them. These people do not deal with broken promises or laziness and have zero tolerance for others who make more work for them. In their eyes, if you’re not doing a favor for them when they ask you every now and then, you don’t value them.
  • PHYSICAL TOUCHTo people who speak this language, nothing is deeper than appropriate touch. This doesn’t only mean fun between the sheets, it also means everyday connections of physical nature, like hand-holding, kissing or any other type of re-affirming physical contact. No, these people aren’t over-the-top PDA’ers, but touching them the right way and in the right places does make them feel safe and loved. For them, physical abuse is a total deal breaker.


Chapman states that just because you or your partner favor a particular language, doesn’t mean you should stop expressing others completely. Even though people tend to favor one language more than the remaining four, we still enjoy discovering traits of others as well. See what works for your partner best, and also, discover which language do you speak as your primary and focus on the secondary as well.

Apart from all this, Chapman thinks that the 5 love languages he described don’t apply only to romantic relationships. According to him, love languages can be applied to any type of relationship, may it be workplace relationships, friendships or relationships with your children etc.


Whether we like it or not, these 5 languages really do make it easier to maintain a stable relationship with our significant other and will ensure that the fire of your love will keep on burning. However, keep it in mind, that it always takes two to tango, meaning that don’t blame yourself if you’re doing your best to give what your partner needs and your relationship still feels kind of “sticky”. In order to make things work, both of you have to take those few extra steps to make it work. This means, that when you’re giving, you should also be receiving.

In the right relationships, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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