The use of NSA relationship term has a lot of people in the online dating world confused. If you are one of them – you’re not alone. The acronym NSA does stand for something, even though its meaning is cryptic inside of your DM (Direct Messenger). If you are you asking “What did you say?” It’s alright because we have you covered.

You can create a more successful online dating profile and respond to what’s popping up in your DM with a sexting vocabulary lesson. For starters, here is what it means to be in an NSA relationship.

What is NSA in Dating?

If you do not have a smartphone or tablet all of this “text speak,” may be confusing to you. Never fear! NSA is simply a fast way to explain to an online dating partner or sexy chat friend that the relationship you want has No Strings Attached. Otherwise known as an NSA relationship, telling someone in your Direct Messenger (DM) that you are only interested in this type of relationship has a purpose.

You see, in the online dating world, there are A LOT of people. Some of them have full-time jobs, full-time (+) overtime careers, children, husbands and wives, lifetime commitments, aging parents, and other things that take up their time. That means that while these folks are combing the internet looking for love, they don’t mess around. Because time is a valuable asset to people in online dating communities, understanding the NSA meaning is a must.  

Could an NSA Relationship Work for Me?

A No Strings Attached relationship may be right for you if you are brave enough to define it. For some, an NSA relationship means that the sexual encounters require no follow-up calls, no sleepovers, and no commitment of any kind. However, for other people typing NSA into a DM box means that they are ready to take on a relationship with you no matter what form it takes.

Today, people have fast-paced lifestyles and they may not be able to tell you exactly what they need from a partner. So, maybe it is time to try an NSA relationship with one or more partners. After all, it’s up to you!

Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes of Online Chatting

It might shock you to learn, while talking to a potential partner over your smartphone or online, what NSA means. There are other acronyms that may trick you as well. Avoid common mistakes by knowing what it means when you read:


Many people get this one confused, but don’t let a DTF message trip you up. It means Down to Funk… or something like that. Be advised that this type of relationship is strictly sexual, regardless of the usage.

type of relationship that is strictly sexual


If you want to take your relationship to that next level and turn it into something real, you can type this. LTR means Long Term Relationship. Some people with online dating profiles are ready for it, so don’t be afraid to throw this option out there.


This is what you type into a chat box or DM window when you want to know where you stand. DTR means Define The Relationship. So, if you’re ready to put it all out on the table, type DTR.

If you realize that you have no idea what you are talking about only after meeting someone from an online dating app in person  – don’t panic. Usually, people are pretty understanding when it comes to misunderstandings via text conversations or sexy DM flirting.

Remember: you can avoid making these most common mistakes by understanding what an NSA relationship is, and then considering if it is right for you. If not, feel free to shoot back a quick response like DTR if you feel uncomfortable.

Now that you understand the terms, all you have to do is visit, create your free online dating profile, and start chatting!