Come on, let’s get real here for a second. We’ve all asked this question, either to ourselves, to the internet or our partner. The fact of the matter is, being a freak in bed nowadays is pretty much favorable and a rather good quality either for one night stands or long-term relationships. There’s just something really charming about a gal or a guy who knows her or his way around the sheets and can give you the ride of your life in the bedroom. Are we right, or are we right?

However, the question still remains: What is considered freaky in bed, and what does freaky actually mean sexually?

If you have been curious about the answer for a long time, go over the list we here at We See You scraped together so you can finally tell if you (or your partner) are one of those people who can make others’ hearts skip a beat because of their skills in the bedroom.


Before we start, let’s get over this real quick. The definition of freaky will be different for everybody. Some will say that getting or giving a blowjob in the toilet is a pretty freaky thing to do, while other swear by leather, latex attire, and rough domination. To each its own.

However, here are a few pointers that make someone generally considered above average in bed.


  • He tips well – If he’s generous at a restaurant you bet that he will be generous in bed too.
  • He touches you a lot – This might seem like a no-brainer, but if your guy is apprehensive about even holding hands with you, how he’s going to handle the rest of your body properly?
  • He asks your opinion and listens to it – If he truly cares about what you have to say and what you think, those qualities will pretty much transfer to the bedroom. Or anywhere else you might want to have sex.
  • He has cool dance moves – If he’s got a rhythm on the dance floor chances are pretty good he will have good rhythm in dancing
  • He doesn’t brag – If he talks a big game outside of the bedroom, chances are there are some major shortcomings between the sheets. If he also brags about past sexual conquests, chances are even greater that he’s a total waste of your time.
  • He respects all women – Guys who behave like idiots with women are huge red lights to begin whit, and since they don’t really care about the ladies, their bedroom game is most certainly terrible. On the other side, if the man has a great relationship with his mom, sister, and has a lot of lady friends who adore him, chances her, he’s gonna rock your world in bed!
  • He’s flexible – Meaning he’s not too set in his ways and that he’s good at improvising. Why is this important? Well, you don’t want to end up with somebody who will have sex in a certain way. Get a dude who can go with the flow and can switch things up so you two can find the perfect rhythm.
  • He works out & has had his fair share of hardships – You like to hold on to those guns but you also like stamina, right? If he’s into working out and being fit, you can be sure that he will have what it takes to work as hard as necessary to get the job done.

Plus, you don’t want a dude whose life was smooth sailing from the very beginning. You want a guy who knows what’s it like to work for something.


  • She tells what she wants – When she knows what she wants and what she’s doing, she will take charge and give directions. Then, she’s already another language altogether.
  • She’s into sex in public – This is pretty much self-explanatory.
  • Kinky stuff in her purse – If she carries sex toys with her just “to be prepared”, you know she’s a freak.
  • She likes to play rough – A little hair pulling here and there is okay, but when she wants to rough things really up, that’s when you want to hold on tight.
  • She has that “vibe” – Just because a girl wears something revealing and overly sexual doesn’t mean that she will be amazing between the sheets. The same applies when she’s willing to try something new but doesn’t enjoy it. The real turn on is when you can tell that she’s enjoying herself and comfortable with experimenting when it comes to sex.
  • Confidence – On her period? A little pubic hair? No problem! She’s pretty much a freak when she’s confident with herself her appearance and won’t make a big deal out of the things the majority of women will.
  • She can let loose – They may rock baggy clothes in public, the might also come off as timid and quiet girls, but once you get in bed, all hell breaks loose. The best thing is, that you’ll see that they’re genuinely comfortable, their wildness is not because they feel they need to put in extra work to make up for their under-the-radar behavior outside the sheets.


In most cases, those who talk a big game, won’t deliver. Look for those little signs that give him or her away. Now, you know what to look for. Join us here and get yourself a freak!