He is busy, he is acting strange, and then… he stops texting. Knowing what to do when a guy stops texting you can be confusing. When you start a new relationship, it may be easy to keep the conversation going. Finding things to talk about when you are chatting in person, on the phone, or via text message is easy in the beginning, but over time things can cool off.

If you want to keep your romance hot, and interesting talk to your guy about it, and ask him if there is anything you can do. You can prevent an abrupt ending by following these tips on what to do when he stops calling and texting you. 

In many cases, when a guy stops texting you every day it means something. But what does it mean when he stops talking to you all of a sudden? There is no way to tell for sure, however, you can follow this emergency guide on how to handle it. 

When a Guy Stops Texting You Everyday Follow this Survival Guide: 

  • Know this happens to everyone, and accept that he stopped texting. 
  • Understand that it does not matter WHY he stopped. 
  • Avoid giving into anger, revenge, or assumptions. 
  • Do NOT take action that could cause more damage to your relationship or personal life.
  • Let go of your desire to control his actions.
  • Be patient as time passes.
  • Do not call his phone over, and over.
  • Love, and respect yourself with exercise, stress relief, and healthy hobbies. 

NOTE: Do not panic. Men are strange creatures that can (at any given moment) stop texting you. It does not mean that he will never return to calling and texting your phone. However, panicking may worsen the situation when a guy stops texting. 

How to Cope When a Guy Stops Texting You 

Once you realize that your guy has taken a hiatus from your hot, steamy text sessions you may need to take a time out. Use your newly found “Me,” time to embrace your emotions about your dude. You may realize that you are better off in solitude however if you decide that you are better off with your better half time will tell if he gives you another opportunity to talk. 

 6 Tips When He is Not Texting You Back

Focus Your Attention

When a man stops making contact it can be hard to regain your attention. You are used to his affection, and all of a sudden your guy disappears. Keep your stress levels down by taking your attention, and putting it elsewhere.

There is no need to spend your time on pointless efforts rekindling the romance. Allow yourself to let your guy do what he needs to do with his time, and simply take your attention elsewhere. 

Find a New Chat

One of the most irritating parts about missing your guy’s name popping up during the day and night is the nagging need to keep checking. Did he call? Did he text? Was that him? If your mind is left to wonder what happened to your once lively texting conversation, it could get overly creative.

You may start thinking he has found someone else, that he is hurt, or in trouble, or that he no longer has an interest in you. The best way to stop your mind from wandering down the dangerous road of “What if?” is to start a chat with someone new. It does not have to be a romantic conversation, but chatting with a new guy works.  


It can be difficult to try to keep your mind busy when you’re missing your guy. If your direct messenger inbox is not lighting up, you may need to take a deep breath.

Many times deep inhale/exhale breathing exercises can not only reduce stress, and anxiety, but they can also help keep your mind busy when you feel lonely.

If your guy suddenly goes silent, and you start to miss him, practice this simple breathing technique:

  • Close your eyes, and breathe deeply in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Focus your attention on your breath, and allow it to flow freely. If you start to think about your guy not texting, gently return your attention to your breathing. 
  • Then, take your finger, and gently place it over your right nostril. Continue breathing deeply, inwards, and outwards paying close attention to the flow of your breath. Continue for 10 breaths then switch sides. 
  • Gently place your index finger over your left nostril, and take 10 deep breaths inward through your nose, and exhale through your mouth for 10 breaths. 
  • Complete the breathing exercise by taking 10 regular breaths inward, and outward as you allow all of the tension in your mind, and body to relax. 

girl taking a deep breath

Get Busy

When you are used to spending your time seductively texting your guy, and he suddenly goes silent you may feel confused, and lonely, but when you are bluntly left without a beau you may also start to get bored. Immediately search for a new hobby when your guy stops texting.

Regardless of when he starts to text again, you will have something to do instead of waiting for him to call the shots.

Drop It 

If the conversation between you, and your guy suddenly stops you can let the conversation die off if that is the natural progress of the relationship. One of the most common mistakes women make today is to assume that they need to compensate for silence.

If the conversation is quiet for a few hours, days, or even weeks – that is ok! It does not always mean that the relationship is over if your guy suddenly gets quiet. If you guy goes quiet it could mean any number of things so, before you jump to any conclusion, or take action, consider dropping it. 

Sweat it Out

It can stress you out if your phone is silent, and you start to miss your guy. Try sweating it out at the gym. Health professionals already know that exercise is a great way to slash stress. It could be a great way to spend your spare time while you wait for your phone to ring.

While you wait for more text messages from your guy, grab your gym bag. Any type of workout you perform detoxifies your body, clears your head, and boosts your mood with feel-good chemicals like endorphins, and serotonin.

Walk, jog, swim, or take a group fitness class –  it’s all good! Any exercise can help keep your mind off of you’re not-so-exciting text life, and reduce your stress at the same time. 

He Stopped Texting Me, Now What?

If you are getting over the shock of the sudden disappearance of your guy’s name in your text box – don’t panic. You can get through this. Just use this guide to how to cope when your guy stops texting.

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