First date talks can catch your tongue and twist it up in a way that leaves you feeling like you never should have left the house. If the cat has your tongue the first time you meet a member of the opposite sex for a date – that’s a good thing! In fact, butterflies in your stomach are a signal that you’re on the right track, not only for a satisfying lust but also long-term love.

However, it may be difficult to find ways to keep your eye candy engaged while you stare at them and dream of the life you could have. If only you were able to entertain them long enough.

What to talk about on a first date? What is there to say? In all honesty, what you really want to talk about on a first date is whatever draws them in closer. It could be something that interests you or a hobby that they are into. Regardless of what you decide is a good topic, finding out the best things to talk about on a first date in advance is a smart move.

Top 7 things to talk about on a first date:

Breaking the ice by being honest about how you are feeling

Your body will probably give it all away if you are nervous. Many people suffer from mental anxiety, shaking, fidgeting, sweaty palms, and other symptoms of stress that are actually just excitement. To calm the situation down just go ahead and tell your date how you are feeling and have a laugh.

Most of the physiological results of being enthusiastic about a date include what your body thinks is stress. As soon as you tell your date “I am nervous,” the symptoms will probably ease up.

Breaking the ice by being honest about how you are feeling

Who, What, When?

You may not realize that one of the most basic human needs is the attention of other people. Just think about how much you love to talk about yourself. Well… so does your date.

Ask them questions about their work, hobbies, family, styles, emotions, and any other things you want to know about. This is just a stepping stone to your lover’s ear, you see, because while they talk, you can take in their eyes, the expression on their face, and the passion in their voice.

When they talk, pay close attention to what lights a fire inside of them and then ask another question that gets a similar response. Just remember not to make the question asking too intense like an interview or you may lose the appeal of sensual seduction.

Here are just a few examples of questions you can ask on a first date:

  • “How did you start your career?”
  • “Do you have a big family?”
  • “What is the last book you read?”

These are starter questions that may lead you into deeper conversations, and hopefully, a lasting relationship if that is what you desire. Beyond getting a chance to set your gaze on them, you can also use the first date as an opportunity to get to the bottom of their favorites. Foods, hobbies, sports teams, ice cream – it is all important to talk about on a first date.

Listen more, talk less

Asking questions and finding out what makes your date tick is one of the most fun things you can do on a first date.

As you get the answers to the questions know that it is the only time you will hear the answers for the first time. Take it in, remember their face, but do not tell them everything about you. That is the key to having a good first date — listen more than talk. Be honest, be real, and don’t spill your guts about everything. Sometimes nothing is the best thing you can say.

Easy like a Sunday morning coffee talk

There are some things that you just don’t talk about on a first date. These can be called “hot button” issues. They include things like religion, politics, and other drama that may cause you to see a side of your date you simply aren’t ready for. Keep anything that you wouldn’t say on Sunday morning at a light coffee bistro quiet on a first date. That way you won’t say anything that embarrasses you or your date.

Show your best natural self

During your first date do not lie even a little to impress them, to get them to like you more, or to avoid a difficult topic. You want your date to see the best parts of your personality.

If you stumble upon a topic that you want to avoid in conversation, just say to your date that you feel uncomfortable. This is the best way to preserve your first date conversation and avoid accidentally revealing lower qualities of your personality like anger, jealousy, or hostility. Stay up in your conversation, body language, and other communications to ensure your first date can see your best side.

Close the Ex Files

There is nothing less attractive on a first date than the idea of you with another person. Intimately, your personal life should be locked up and stored in a special file marked “Do NOT Open.” Call it your Ex file, and don’t feel bad about keeping it closed. That is exactly what your first date needs you to do so that they can get close to you.

Two single people on a first date should not be caught up emotionally with anything in their past. Make sure your past doesn’t need a resolution before heading out on a first date.

Focus on positivity

It is normal for anyone to steer a conversation in a negative direction. Focus on happiness and keeping everything that you say positive. It is virtually impossible to do it, but when you make an effort to stay positive, it is hard to have a bad date. Aim to avoid saying anything negative about yourself, your date or the people around you.

When going on a first date, you may not have the motivation that you need to do the most important thing: feel sexy. When you are wondering what to talk about on a first date – don’t worry! You’re probably not the only one. So, use these tips to ease your nerves and let the conversation flow naturally.

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