When a guy ignores you, it can be irritating, and over time, it may become more than you can take. You see, for each relationship, time apart can mean something different, however, for people just starting out in a new relationship or those in a long-term situation, the gesture can be seen as a big insult. Feeling ignored can hurt your feelings, but your partner may not even realize he is doing it.

On the other hand, if your partner is avoiding you on purpose, it could be a sign that something is wrong. Depending on what the problem with your relationship is, you can start working on it and stop being ignored as soon as you figure out what’s going on.

So, here are just 3 reasons why your partner could be ignoring you.

You are too available

Clingy women are oftentimes confused with codependent women and so many men will pull back their attention if they feel smothered. While you may not be showering him with attention every day, for a man, the regular amounts of attention for a woman can be too much to handle.

If you realize your partner is starting to pull away by ignoring you, it could be due to your own constant availability. Try creating a fuller schedule for yourself to see if being busy makes him feel like he has more space, and thus, reaches out more. This tactic usually works wonders on men with a fear of commitment.

You don’t check it

Sometimes he is not ignoring you. Men have a funny way of expressing themselves sometimes, and every so often, a man will simply do his own thing. When he does, your guy could seem like he has gone way off the grid and you might start to feel like he is ignoring you. The best way to know for sure is to flat out ask him. Finding out if he is intentionally leaving you out of the loop is the fastest way to bridge the gap and get closer.

You aren’t listening

In a romantic relationship, you may find that your guy simply doesn’t feel the same way for you as you do for him. If your guy is ignoring you, it could be because the relationship is already over and you just weren’t paying close enough attention to the red flags.

If your guy has recently talked to you about separating or breaking up, told you in person, via text or gave you hints that it’s time to move on – listen. The worst thing you can do to your man is act like you don’t know what he is saying. If he said it’s over, and he will not respond to you, let him go.

You aren't listening

What should you do while he ignores you

If your guy is ignoring you, it could be because of those reasons listed above or it could be any number of other things. Regardless, you will need to do something to stay busy while he is ignoring you, but not all pastimes are created equal. In fact, it is especially important that you realize the way you spend your time while your man ignores you could make a big difference in the way your relationship proceeds.

When a guy ignores you here’s what should you do

Here are 5 ways to pass the time while he spends it without you.

Sweat it out

Spending time at the gym is a great way to release tension, mental anxiety, and stress. There are tons of different workouts that you can do, and even if you don’t like exercise, there is something for everyone! You can try walking on the treadmill, lifting light weights, playing basketball, or even taking a swim — it’s up to you. Regardless of what you choose during your workout, performing any exercise can improve your mood and make you feel more relaxed.

Learn to dance

Happiness can feel hard to find while you bite your nails waiting for the phone to ring. While you wait for your guy to stop ignoring you, try learning something new. Dancing is a fun way to get a little closer to the opposite sex without hurting anyone’s feelings. You may step on a few toes, but you will definitely feel sexier and have fun while the lonely time passes.

Breathe in, breathe out

When you are stressed or anxious, your body suffers in more ways than just your mentality. However, performing simple breathing exercises, or stretching and even performing yoga routines, is known to reduce stress and leave you feeling clear-headed and happier.

Deep breathing in and out not only lowers your anxiety levels, but it also helps keep your mind rational as you attempt to be patient. To improve deep breathing for relaxation, try bending over and touching your toes, twisting at the waist, or reading for the ski and holding your arms upward. You can also choose to try a group yoga class or pick up a video online if you want to try a more advanced stretching routine that requires a yoga instructor.

Make a friend

Creating a new bond is ideal for times when you feel lonely. Decide to strike up a conversation with someone at the grocery store, the playground, or the library. It doesn’t matter. You never know where you will find a new friend. It could even be at your local pet adoption center. A four-legged friend could be the beginning of a brand-new loving relationship you never even knew you needed.

Spend “me” time

If your partner is ignoring you, there is a reason. While you wait to find out what that reason is, focus on self-care. Taking good care of yourself not only shows your guy that you are worth it, but it also ensures that no matter the outcome, you will be alright.

Make a spa appointment, read a self-help book, or talk to a specialist about how you are feeling. Putting yourself first can take your mind off of any emotional pain during the time your guy ignores you.

What to do when he ignores you can include all types of different hobbies, activities, and social support. It is a good idea to think of fun, creative ways to develop a deeper connection to your partner while he is away. If you simply want to take time for yourself while your guy is ignoring you – that’s ok too! Just remember to spend your time loving yourself and you won’t go wrong. If you want to read more similar articles, feel free to browse through our blog section.

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